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Christmas Bead Ornaments


Bead Ornaments

Bead Ornaments

My 4 year old loves crafts and Christmas, so I’ve had to come up with alot of random crafty things for her to do that are Christmas related. One thing she has especially enjoyed is beading. She’s done ornaments, as well as making bracelets and necklaces galore. We even made a camo bracelet for her baby brother.  I also had to come up with a way to include her 19 month old brother in her new favorite activity, which I’ll share in a second. :)

Concentrating on beading

Concentrating on beading

She made a few candy canes and a wreath to hang on our little Christmas tree. I just twirl one end of a pipe cleaner to hold the beads on and shape the finished beads into whatever we are making. She enjoys making a pattern by laying out beads in the color scheme we are going to use,  and then using that to remind her of the order her colors should go on her pipe cleaner.

Her brother was jealous after she’d made bracelets for herself and me, so I came up with a camo themed bracelet idea. He wears it proudly, and Daddy isn’t the least bit bothered by his son wearing a camo bracelet like he might be of Princess Peach’s suggestion of purple and pink for her brother’s bracelet. ;)


Camo bracelet

Camo bracelet


Of course, I couldn’t leave the little guy out of all of this Christmas fun! I was looking at his little face, which he would’ve stuffed with all of the pretty candy colored beads, and had an AHA!! moment. I strapped him in his highchair, handed him a pipe cleaner and dumped a handful of multigrain Cheerios on his tray. Tada! Edible beads for baby! He was thrilled to be doing what big sister was doing, and I was happy that both of my children were safely entertained. :)

Baby beading Cheerios

Baby beading Cheerios

This is a super cheap and easy activity that will keep Princess Peach busy for hours, and my little squirt happily engaged for as long as 20 or 30 minutes. Anyone who has ever cared for small children 24/7 knows that a fun activity like that is priceless!

What are you keeping the little ones in your life busy with during the holiday season?

5 thoughts on “Christmas Bead Ornaments

  1. A likes to color with markers. But I think the thing she does most is sit and look at books. She will try to remember the story, or talk to herself about what the characters are doing.


    • That is really cute! My little girl loves to color and make cards and such. She sometimes “reads” her favorite books to her brother, or tells him about pictures in books she isn’t as familiar with. I love listening to little ones who can’t read “reading”. :)


  2. Reblogged this on Penny Pinching Peach and commented:

    These ornaments from last year just went up on this year’s Christmas tree yesterday! :)


  3. What fun! I remember doing something similar growing up. I’ll have to go find supplies for us to make these. Sharing!


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