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Letter Search

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Sailing with Pirate C

Sailing with Pirate C

Arrrr, mateys!! We’re working on the alphabet, and you’re welcome to sail along!

My little girl was in a piratey kind of mood when her photo was taken with this particular preschool project, so I just floated with it. 🙂

I decided to let my little pirate do a letter C word search.

I took a blank sheet of paper, made several bubble letter Cs, drew a few pieces of candy and a few cookies, then added a bunch of random swirls & stars to make it a bit tricky. I also made a box in the lower corner as her “code” to help her know how many letter Cs were hidden and how many of each of the sweet things that started with the letter C she needed to find.

The sailing orders were simple. Find all of the letter Cs and color them.

When you find one in the picture, color one in your code so that you know when you find them all. Do the same thing with the pieces of candy and cookies, which are the words I was using to demonstrate the C sound for her that day.

This would work with any letter and any simple pictures you wanted to use with that letter, obviously.

My wee matey had fun with this project, as you can see from her piratical expression, and I’m sure your little ones would too. 🙂

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