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My Top Favorite Rewards Programs

My Top Favorite Rewards Programs

My Top Favorite Rewards Programs

I thought that I would share some of my favorite rewards  and referral programs with y’all! These are super handy for saving and even earning money! This type of thing is a big deal for a stay at home homeschool mom like myself, and I’m sure it will be super beneficial for you, too!

My little family may receive compensation of some form when you use the referral links below, but it will cost you nothing to help us out!

Advanced Auto Parts

You get a $30 credit for using my referral link, and I get one for $10! After you join, you can give $30 to your friends and receive $10 for yourself! I absolutely love the way this is set up, because we get to really bless our friends while rewarding ourselves a bit! Who doesn’t need something from Advanced Auto, seriously??


I am giving you a $20 off coupon for Vistaprint! In return, I get a $20 credit for any order my friends make that’s over $40! You can do the same!

My Reader Rewards

My Reader Rewards is a quick and easy way to get FREE books simple by doing simple tasks and sharing with friends! I have been using this for years, and most holidays I have books from them for all three of my kids gifts.

Schoola Clothes

Schoola Clothing

Schoola Clothing, follow the referral link for an immediate $10 credit to order, plus more when you refer friends! You can also choose to send clothes to them and benefit the school of your choice, since a portion of their profits goes to schools designated by the people who send them in. We have been super happy with everything we’ve gotten from them.

Survey Savvy

At Survey Savvy, there are multiple ways to earn your rewards. You can do surveys, earn $5 a month per device you download  Savvy Connect onto, and you can do referrals! Referrals earn up to $15 for direct referrals and up to $6 for their referrals!

Card Pool

Here’s where you can get discounted gift cards with a guarantee from the seller! With their referral program, you and your friend get $5 credits per referral!

Barefut Essential Oils

With Barefut Essential Oils, you earn 5% back on everything you spend, plus they have ever changing free sample kits, frequent sales and free shipping with any order over $25!
barefūt Essential Oils


This store has all things outdoors, and you get a $10 credit just for clicking my referral link, plus you can earn more $10 credits just for referring your friends!! This would be an amazing place to get gifts for people like my husband, the eternal outdoorsman!

Doggy Loot

My Loot From Doggy Loot


Doggyloot gives a free credit you can use immediately,  with free shipping.  Join the referral program to get more freebies for pets and pet lovers! They also donate to shelters with their profits, which I love!


Evitamins carries a vast array of health items, from vitamins to lotions to grocery items and more! Get a $5 credit automatically when using my referral link! Earn credits from referrals and product reviews!


Which of these programs are you the most excited to try? I think I included something for absolutely everyone, and truly hope these help someone out! I have appreciated the people who shared their frugal tricks with me, and want to pass it on to you!

Want more savings? Learn about some great Happy Birthday Freebies!!   

To interact with likeminded frugal folks, please feel free to join my no-drama-allowed Facebook group Naturally Frugal and Healthy on a Budget!



Three Simple Ways I Afford Christmas On A Tight Budget


My top three ways to afford a nice Christmas on a tight budget, and how you can, too!

These are my top three tricks to get very nice FREE Christmas presents on a tight budget!

I am always looking for ways to afford Christmas without breaking the bank. I have used each of these for years, so I can vouch for them! I know that these will help you be able to buy gifts for a nice Christmas,  too, so I had to share!

My Reader Rewards!

This is a quick and easy way to get FREE books, stickers and audio books by doing simple tasks and sharing with friends! You can earn points by answering short quizzes,  signing up for the newsletter, reading articles, writing reviews, just sharing the site and referring your friends. I was able to earn enough to order a book (with free shipping) within 10 minutes of signing up!

Use my referral link below to start off with free points!

Schoola Clothing!

School Clothing has quality consignments for great prices! 40% of the profits are donated to schools! Follow the referral link below for an immediate $10 credit to order, plus you earn more whenever you refer friends!

Doggy Loot!

Sign up and get a shopping credit you can use immediately,  with free shipping.  They have tons of pet items, and some goodies for pet parents, too! Join the referral program to get more freebies for pets and pet lovers!

These are definitely not the only programs I use. They are the top three free rewards programs I use with gift items, immediate pay out and quick ways to earn more.

Want more tips for getting great gifts on a budget? Check out Budget Gifts For Hunters and Outdoorsmen and Powerful Princesses  for gifts for our little strong women of the future!



Strange Tricks For Saving Money

strange save

Frugal! Penny pincher! Cheapskate! Prepper! Weirdo! If you have been called any of these, welcome to your tribe! This list is for you…

  • Wash aluminum foil and plastic baggies. If nothing gets majorly stuck to them, clean up and use them again.
  • If you have chickens, dry and crush their own egg shells to mix into their feed instead of buying them a calcium supplement.
  • Reuse plastic water bottles. Rinse and refill those babies! I don’t really use water bottles much, but my husband likes to take them with him to the fire department so it doesn’t matter if he loses the container he’s drinking from. We use them over and over.
  • Use the rewards program My Reader Rewards to get free books, stickers and CDs.
  • Water down whole milk instead of buying lower fat milks. I used to buy 1% or 2%, but have started buying whole milk and water it down with about a quarter to a third water. My kids don’t know the difference, and our milk lasts longer.
  • Use plastic gas station cups with straws and lids instead of fancy cups with lids. Occasionally I get one of those fountain drinks from the gas station. I love cups with lids and straws. My kids are very active and always up under me, I’m always thirsty and don’t particularly like my drinks spilled or nice cups broken. These cheap cups will last quite awhile, even ran through the dishwasher.
  • Cut dryer sheets in half, if you use them at all. You don’t need the whole thing to get the effects you want. Trust me!
  • Vinegar makes a great rinse agent in the dishwasher, and is super inexpensive compared to those expensive kinds you can buy.
  • Those styrofoam plates you buy to save on dish washing? If they don’t get too messy, just wipe them down and use them again! this adds up quick when you’re mostly using them for things like sandwiches, anyway.
  • For one of my favorite ways to save, look at How to get a free trial of Amazon Prime

Have any strange savings tips of your own? Share them, and they may be featured in a future list of strange ways to save! 😉

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Kids Skate Free

Kids Skate Free

Looking for a free summer activity for your kids? Try free skating!

As a young girl, I absolutely loved to go skating. We went frequently, and it was a fun way to exercise and spend time with friends. I felt like I was flying, and even toe length oversized skirts couldn’t stop me from whizzing around the rink! 🙂 What better way to enjoy skate time than to go for free?:)

Just head on over to the link below, type in your zip code, and see which rinks in your area are participating in this promotion. It appears that there are a few in all of the states I checked out, although I only investigated a few of them. Click  the green “Register for This Skating Center” banner. Once you’ve filled out the form, you’ll receive an email to verify your email address. Once you’ve done that you’ll be a registered member of Kids Skate Free. Just be aware that your first set of passes won’t be ready until Sunday of that week.

Anyone ready to take their kids skating for free??

For my favorite tips for traveling with children, check out Traveling With Little Riders!


My Letter To the Craigslist Scam Artist…

craigslist meme

Dear Craigslist Scammer,

I listed items on Craigslist because I am broke and was hoping to sell a few things I don’t need to be able to pay for things I actually do need. Instead, I get you. You and your bogus excuses for why you need to pay with a check, why you can’t meet in person and why you are more than happy to buy my items sight unseen.

You know what? I’m sick of you! Your daughter didn’t just give birth to a bouncing baby boy. Your adopted son is not helping you wire money to my account from who-cares-where. Your associates are not going to pick it up via a freight company after you send a bogus check to me. You are a lying piece of doodoo!

I’ve heard from you under many names. Sometimes multiple names supposedly from the same person. You can’t even keep up with your own lies! If it weren’t so disgusting, it would be funny.

I hope you enjoyed my note. It provided me a small amount of giggles in sending you something even more bizarre than the fairy tales you seem to think I’ll believe. I’m still broke, though, you jerk!!


A Frustrated Attempted Craigslist Seller

“Penny Pinching Peach is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to”

So, I really wrote the note in the picture in response to the latest of many Craigslist scam emails. The other is what I’d like to say to all of the slime balls taking advantage of people who are less aware of their games than I am. The people who need to study books like this Book on Protecting Yourself From Social Media Scams and Scamming 101: 22 Scams Explained to protect themselves.

Is anyone else sick to death of Craigslist and all other internet scam artists?? What would you like to say to these jerks? (No expletives, please!) Feel free to share mine on social media! For more of my randomness, check out God Used Couponing To Answer My Prayers! or Struggling? You Are Not Alone!

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What Are You Looking For Here?

Penny Pincher in Training

Penny Pinching Peach

It’s your turn to talk!

Periodically, I like to touch base with my readers. I don’t want to continuously post things you aren’t interested in. Sometimes I’m wavering between what to post, and knowing what you’re interested in could make the difference. If you don’t see the options you want listed (i.e. parenting, coping with grief, encouraging messages, etc.), feel free to mention those to me. I’m very open to suggestions, and enjoy writing about a wide variety of topics. I’m just doing my check in with y’all to see which topics you would most like to see here.

Want to see what some of my most popular posts last year were?

Check out My Top Posts of 2015 and my brief review of the excitement of last year!

I am gearing up to launch my weekly newsletter with exclusive coupons and savings for my mailing list!

Please head over to my Mailing List Sign-Up Form so you won’t miss out on that! Feel free to suggest in the comments here what type of extra special coupon codes and bargains you’d like me to drop in there for you!

Please fill out the poll below!

You can select however many answers you want, and leave any comments or suggestions you may have. Thank you in advance and have a fantastic day!!

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How I Got FREE Huggies Diapers At Rite Aid!

Free huggies at Rite Aid

I got paid over $6 to buy four packs of Huggies diapers at Rite Aid!!!

Yes, you read that correctly! They paid me to buy four packs of diapers that normally cost about $11.99 each pack in this area! I try to always pay less than $5 a pack, and have paid much, much less. I think this is the first time I’ve been paid just to buy diapers, though!

This sale at Rite Aid runs from 1/10 to 1/17. You have to be a member of their Plenti program, which you can join at the Plenti site here. I’m new to the program myself, so you can learn more about it there. I just want to share this great deal!

Here’s how I got free Huggies diapers using coupons!

I used 4 of the $2.00 off Huggies coupons I printed off at Swagbucks. Join via and we both get 300 points when you make it to 300. You get 40 points just for redeeming these four coupons!! Just go to Discover and then Printable Coupons once you join to get started printing. Easiest way to find these are to click the baby & toddlers category in coupons.

Get 4 Huggies packs of whatever kind matches your coupons.

I got a $4 off of $20 coupon in the store the other day. Without this coupon, you’ll still come out more than $2 ahead, so don’t frown if you don’t have it! It’s still the most amazing deal ever!

You’ll get a $10 coupon immediately after purchase, and can use it then or later. I chose to use mine right then on clearance stuff that was marked 75% off, so that $10 got me over $40 worth of items and I paid just over a dollar in overage. My kids are thrilled, as you can tell from my oh-so-professional shot of what they got below. LOL

free huggies at rite aid 2

You will also get 1600 in Plenti points, which can be used at any of the places mentioned on the Plenti rewards site. I’m planning to use mine for $16.oo worth of gas, since that’s a necessity and one of the awesome options available for redeeming the points!

I’m just learning about this program, but I think I love it!! I’m not getting anything out of sharing this deal, other than the joy of helping other parents save money! Hurry before they run out of diapers! Seriously!

Who is going to get your free diapers? Need clothes, too? Check out how to get free clothes using my referral link at School Discount Clothing! To learn more about Swagbucks, read my post here.

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Launching My Newsletter

Just me. My little girl took this photo. :)

Just me. My little girl took this photo. 🙂

I am getting ready to launch my newsletter, and would like to encourage you to subscribe! I promise it won’t be spammy! I’ll make sure you don’t miss out on any of my blog posts, as well as sending you a weekly newsletter with additional savings and coupon codes to my affiliate programs that I will share exclusively with my subscribers!

Please head on over to my Mailing List Subscription Form to sign up now!

In the meanwhile, tell me what sort of extra coupons and deals you are on the lookout for?


Schoola Discount Clothing

Schoola Clothes

Does anyone need clothes on a limited or non-existent budget? I have to share this way to get clothes online cheap for you!

I just received my first order of 8 much needed items for only $8 from Schoola, plus I still have a couple of dollars left for a future order! It wound up like that because I ordered a new with tags item that said it wasn’t eligible to be bought with credit. I am beyond thrilled, because my older two little ones really needed more decent clothes and this was a sort of answer to an unspoken prayer. If you use my referral link, we both get a $20 credit (you can use it immediately- it applies automatically).

They are known for quality gently used children’s clothing, but they carry adult sizes, as well. The men’s clothing is under the teen boys’ section, and I saw sizes up to XL men’s. This is a wonderful bargain for anyone, not just mommies like me! I’m serious, this made me really happy, since my kids needed some clothes so badly and I had nothing extra in the budget. These clothes were not only a bargain, but they are beautiful, great quality and look brand new. They were much nicer than I expected from looking at the site, even! The little purple dress for my baby girl came new with tags. They get these clothes donated in the name of schools, and give 40% to the school chosen to credit the donation to. Lucky me, I’d earned some Paypal money and was able to use it to pay for the items, so it took nothing out of our budget.

Does anyone in your house need clothes?? Use my referral link for your $20 credit now, and don’t forget that coupon code for 30% off!!

Like books? Want to earn some for free? Check out one of my favorite programs for earning free books!!


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Baby and Mom Gifts and Essentials

Gifts for babies

Need to know what you need the first year with baby? Here are some of my recommendations!

As a mother of three children ages 6 and under, I have a lot of experience with what you do and don’t use in that first year with a new baby. There are things that just collect dust and others that I use constantly. This is by no means a complete list, but definitely some of the first things that come to my mind as most useful with little ones!

Must haves and gifts for the new baby.

“Penny Pinching Peach is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to”

  • Sleepers with zippers.  See that adorable green sleeper on my baby up there? Zipper!! Babies are wiggly. Zippers are easier than buttons, especially at night when you just want to go back to sleep after a diaper change!

     Girls Newborn Sleepers
     Baby Boy Zip Front Sleepers
Unisex-Baby Newborn Zip Front Sleepers

  • Bibs. Babies drool. They drool a lot!

         10 Pack Water Resistant Drooler Bib Set

     Burp cloths

  • Onesies. They are just easy, okay?

       Gerber Unisex-Baby Newborn Five-Pack Elephant Onesies

  • Baby socks. The cuter, the better. Their feet get cold!  Baby socks
  • Mittens. Those little nails are notorious for sharp corners you’re going to miss, and they love to scratch at their faces. Newborn Mittens
  • Board books. Yes, I read to very young babies! Yes, they enjoy it before they understand it! Just a few of my favorites for little ones are:

I Love You Through And Through
Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star
Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

Llama Llama Red Pajama

Must haves and gifts for the new mommy.


  • Moby. This is amazing for young babies who want carried all the time, which is almost all of them. It’s soft and comfy for both of you, and pretty easy to get the hang of from the included instructional booklet. I have photos of my sweet baby and me in ours- courtesy of my 6 year old budding photographer- below.
  • Moby Wrap Original Baby Carrier
  • Water sling. If you like to go to the beach, pool or even take a shower, this is a very cheap lifesaver! I used it for pretty much every shower the first three months, and still do often with my littlest.

           Water Sling Baby Carrier

  • Good nursing pads. These are my favorites, because they are very inexpensive, absorbent, soft, and don’t tend to leave a lot of fibers behind. Three nurslings and a few years of breastfeeding under my belt say….just listen to me here!

            Evenflo Nursing Pads

  • Nursing bras for day and night.

I recommend that you get fitted in person for regular day time bras, so not recommending anything there. These look pretty much like my favorite to sleep in, though, and you should be able to guess based on your shirt size. Trust me, you want comfort and easy access at night! Lamaze Sleep Maternity Nursing Bra

  • Gift cards. A new mommy often won’t tell you what she really needs. Who wants to admit she has no underwear or socks that aren’t stretched out from pregnancy and she’s outgrown all of her bras?? Get her a gift card to somewhere with a good selection of items she could use, so she can get what she needs most. You can shop here for a Huge Selection of Gift Cards!

Wear Your Baby

Worthwhile splurges for baby.

  • Lillebaby carrier. This is the one thing I splurged on for my third baby, and it’s been totally worth it! I used birthday money and then the rest was my gift from my husband. I literally use this carrier daily! Other ones I have tried (other than the Moby, which was a dream until she got heavier) gave me migraines, neck trouble and back aches. This one is so comfortable for someone with neck, back and headache issues! It even has lumbar support for your back. It’s also the best for warm climates, since it’s really breathable. Mine is the berry and charcoal color you see in our fall festival photo. They have plenty of lovely colors and patterns, though! LILLEbaby Complete Airflow 6-in-1 Baby Carrier- Mist
  • Rock and play sleeper. My dad and stepmom bought this for us, and I use it every day even now! It’s very soothing for little ones! It also gives me a safe place to set baby quickly so I can use the bathroom and still see her and her siblings. Mine is the cute yellow one in the featured photo!

           Fisher-Price Deluxe Newborn Vibrating Rock n’ Play Sleeper

    • Swing.

Ours is a hand me down we’ve used through three children, but this is a great one. Music is helpful with little ones and we love the tray for when they start eating little finger foods! Summer Infant Sweet Sleep Musical Swing, Fox and Friends, Espresso

What are some of your must haves?

Need help with baby names? Here’s what I found useful when looking for my kids’ names…. My Favorite Baby Name Sites and Books!