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FREE Breast Pads For Nursing!!


♥♥♥Breast is Best!!!♥♥♥

I just ordered from, and if I can get at least 5 of my friends to order using promo code C88DD6019 (good for $ 35.00 off!), they are going to refund my shipping & handling charges!

We are trying to do things frugally, as usual for me. I breastfed both of our first two children. The fact that it is frugal is an incidental and wonderful side benefit to something so natural, healthy and sweet, honestly. I used disposable nursing pads mostly with my first two because I didn’t know of any decent cheap alternatives and the homemade ones I rigged up just didn’t work out well, either due to lack of properly keeping comfortable or the material irritating me. I needed really good ones, since I made an overabundance of milk both times when it came in, and it just didn’t stop! LOL This time I’m hoping to be able to use a lot more of the reusable kind, since I ordered 10 pairs of these babies. They come in a variety of cute prints. I got six in basic colors like black, nude and light pink, but four are in more cutesy designs. I’m excited to see how these feel when they come in!! 🙂

Anyone else want to try these out? Total charges for this set of 10 pairs wound up being $14.99 shipping with my free code, which seemed pretty reasonable to me. They currently have a special going right now where you can get additional pairs at $2.00 each, if you’d like to try even more.

14 thoughts on “FREE Breast Pads For Nursing!!

  1. Congratulations! I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award, just because I like you, but you don’t have to do the questions if you don’t want to. When you aren’t busy … 😀

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  2. I probably should have gotten reusable pads. I went through so many disposables!! I’m in my last days of nursing now though.

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  3. Man, I really could have used this about 11 months ago haha! I felt like I was leaking through breast pads once an hour! I agree, Breast is best! I’m still at it 11 months later. Best of luck!


  4. I love my reusable pads but I will def. look into this for when we are on the go. Thanks for sharing 🙂


  5. Reusable pads were a life saver for me. I had a disposable go through the wash twice… NOT FUN!


  6. Reusable breast pads seem like a good buy. I like it that they come in different colors.

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