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Happy Six Months, My Third Child!

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Happy 6 Months

My Dear Third Born Child,

You are six months old now.

Six months of sweet baby snuggles, big blue eyed stares, smooching chubby cheeks, nursing you to fuel those adorable leg rolls and feeling your dimpled fingers curled tightly around mine.

Six months of waking up with you each night, walking the floors with you each day, calming your tears, and wiping the drool off your chin with the dimple just like a miniature of your Daddy’s.

Six months of watching your big sister and brother learn how nurturing they can be and enjoying how sweet & loving they are with you.

Six months of watching you return their crazy attention, incessant kisses and protective helpfulness with adoring looks and delighted wild waving of your little arms when they speak to you.

Six months of falling more deeply in love with you each day as I watch you slowly becoming the individual personality you are.

You may be my third child, but all of my children tie for first place in my heart.

Never forget that.  I knew before I ever had my first child that I was meant to have a third. That feeling never stopped until you were here, and I knew this beautiful, sweet baby girl was the third child I’d always known I was meant to mother. The only difference is that Mommy has more patience and more awareness of how fleetingly frustrating and yet how precious the clingy, needy stages really are. Being born third makes you no less special than if you had been my very first.

Every milestone makes me proud. Every smile makes my heart shine. Every slobbery kiss and soft snuggly hug makes me melt into puddles of maternal affection. Every time I see your fascination with new things reminds me again of how wonderful the world can be through fresh eyes. Every moment with you is a miracle and a gift.

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Happy six months, my sweet baby girl!

Mommy loves you “through and through, yesterday, today and tomorrow, too”, as your favorite book says. ♥

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