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Baby, Baby, Baby!!!


Our Little Sweet Pea

Our Little Sweet Pea

Introducing the reason for my silence this past while, our little Sweet Pea, born 7-9-15 at 5:20 pm weighing in at a healthy (and ironic) 7 lbs. 9 ounces!!! 🙂

Excuse my "it's been a looooooong labor" face. LOL

Excuse my “it’s been a looooooong labor” face.

I was having some issues- along with weeks of prolonged consistent labor without progress- so I underwent an induction just before her due date. 23 hours after they began the induction, I delivered our beautiful baby girl without an epidural. I’ll spare the details, but it was a long and very difficult process. I have zero regrets about my choices, including doing an induction without an epidural, because of the circumstances. I did not want induced, but needed interference, in spite of my ideal scenario. I blacked out about an hour and a half after our daughter was born, due to blood loss and exhaustion. I was already depleted, and my hemoglobins dropped enough that they wanted to do a transfusion, which I refused, so my recovery will be slow. I am just glad things are great with the baby, and I will eventually be okay.

This Is What a Dream Come True Looks Like

This Is What a Dream Come True Looks Like

Our little girl is sweet, beautiful, and very healthy. Our older children- especially our oldest daughter- are absolutely in love with their new baby sister, as you can see from the photos. For our oldest Princess, having a living baby doll of a baby sister is literally a dream come true! She can’t get enough of snuggling her new sissy. Our boyish Bambam is a bit intimidated by how teensy tiny she is, and already a super overprotective big brother (a position he takes quite seriously and is extremely proud of). He loves giving her extremely gentle kisses on her head. She’s a really calm and good natured little gal thus far.

Big Brother Holding Baby

Big Brother Holding Baby

We are so blessed! I am excited to introduce our precious Sweet Pea to y’all, hope you understand my absence this past bit, and keep following my little corner of the internet! 🙂

12 thoughts on “Baby, Baby, Baby!!!

  1. Oh hooray! Congratulations! She looks adorable n I would love to come and squeeze her a bit!

    My deepest sympathies on the hard labor and slow recovery! I’ve sure been there on the slow recovery part, and chlorophyll (Nature’s Sunshine brand tastes best and is worth a little extra $$) and Evening Primrose Oil (for emotional/hormonal health!) were my best friends! Also Hemaplex is another great blood builder.

    You need to email me with your children’s actual names sometime! 🙂

    Hold your dollie all you can! They get big so fast! My lil man just started crawling and he’s only 7 1/2 months old!

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    • Thank you! She is a sweetheart. I’ll have to look into those things. I’m still too dizzy to drive and my husband is having to make up work time lost so we can pay bills, so it’s kinda hard to get anything extra right now. I’m enjoying the newborn snuggles! 7 1/2 months and crawling? You’re in trouble! 🙂


      • Amazon has the chlorophyll for as good a price as any, and is my hands down favorite cheap source for quality supplements (I get the NOW brand EPO there, can’t remember if they have the Hemaplex anymore).

        Just take one day at a time friend! Your strength will return eventually!

        Yes, I AM in trouble! He’s into everything and getting faster every day! :-/

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  2. That was nice of her to arrive during daylight hours! lol… Congratulations to your family!! xo

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  3. Congrats!! What a little doll!
    I experienced postpartum hemorrhage after my second was born and founds these useful for rebuilding my hemoglobin levels:
    Floradix- it is a plant based, liquid iron that is easily absorbed by your body. You can double the dose on the bottle if you are extremely anemic. I was at a 6.6 when I left the hospital and in six weeks my levels were back to normal mostly thanks to Floradix.
    Cook in cast iron as much as possible, it has to be the real stuff not coated with enamel.
    Eat lots of red meat and dark greens.

    Hope you are on the road to recovery!

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    • Thank you! She is like a living doll, really.
      I wish they’d given me liquid iron. I was on some mega blood builders after my second, since I was at a 3.2 and in much worse shape. This time they were at a 6.5 when I left the hospital, so not nearly as bad as then, but still bad enough. I’m on prescription iron three times a day, but in pill form.
      Love my greens! My husband made me a big pot of them to eat on for a few days there. I have cast iron, but really haven’t cooked much. Recovery is slooooow.


  4. I just stalked your blog yesterday–I’ve been out of the blog reading loop for a while–to see if she had arrived! Congratulations, she is beautiful! And best wishes on your recovery. You are tough!

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