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Three Simple Ways I Afford Christmas On A Tight Budget



My top three ways to afford a nice Christmas on a tight budget, and how you can, too!

These are my top three tricks to get very nice FREE Christmas presents on a tight budget!

I am always looking for ways to afford Christmas without breaking the bank. I have used each of these for years, so I can vouch for them! I know that these will help you be able to buy gifts for a nice Christmas,  too, so I had to share!

My Reader Rewards!

This is a quick and easy way to get FREE books, stickers and audio books by doing simple tasks and sharing with friends! You can earn points by answering short quizzes,  signing up for the newsletter, reading articles, writing reviews, just sharing the site and referring your friends. I was able to earn enough to order a book (with free shipping) within 10 minutes of signing up!

Use my referral link below to start off with free points!

Schoola Clothing!

School Clothing has quality consignments for great prices! 40% of the profits are donated to schools! Follow the referral link below for an immediate $10 credit to order, plus you earn more whenever you refer friends!

Doggy Loot!

Sign up and get a shopping credit you can use immediately,  with free shipping.  They have tons of pet items, and some goodies for pet parents, too! Join the referral program to get more freebies for pets and pet lovers!

These are definitely not the only programs I use. They are the top three free rewards programs I use with gift items, immediate pay out and quick ways to earn more.

Want more tips for getting great gifts on a budget? Check out Budget Gifts For Hunters and Outdoorsmen and Powerful Princesses  for gifts for our little strong women of the future!


6 thoughts on “Three Simple Ways I Afford Christmas On A Tight Budget

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  2. A fourth option would be adopting an environmentalist/minimalist standpoint, creating a culture of fewer toys (something they want, something they need, something to share with family, something to read) as well as a culture of volunteerism (free!) to get in the real spirit of Chrismas and share the magic of the historical Santa Claus, who was deeply invested in charity.

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    • Those are very good ideas! These would actually fit in with those.

      I am using the Tyndale program to get each of my three children a book. I have used Schoola to get clothing they needed. Doggy Loot allowed them to give their beloved doggy a toy this Christmas, but I usually use it for food and treats for her.

      When you can not afford to spend anything, this can afford you a happy minimalist Christmas. I am only spending money for candy for stockings, as it stands.

      People get CRAZY about Christmas! I don’t understand materialism like that. I do understand wanting something for your babies to open. ♡♡♡


  3. Reblogged this on Penny Pinching Peach and commented:

    This is a handy post as we head into Christmas shopping season!!


  4. Thanks for the references! I am excited to check out Schoola. I have never heard of it before.


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