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Schoola Discount Clothing


Schoola Clothes

Does anyone need clothes on a limited or non-existent budget? I have to share this way to get clothes online cheap for you!

I just received my first order of 8 much needed items for only $8 from Schoola, plus I still have a couple of dollars left for a future order! It wound up like that because I ordered a new with tags item that said it wasn’t eligible to be bought with credit. I am beyond thrilled, because my older two little ones really needed more decent clothes and this was a sort of answer to an unspoken prayer. If you use my referral link, we both get a $20 credit (you can use it immediately- it applies automatically).

They are known for quality gently used children’s clothing, but they carry adult sizes, as well. The men’s clothing is under the teen boys’ section, and I saw sizes up to XL men’s. This is a wonderful bargain for anyone, not just mommies like me! I’m serious, this made me really happy, since my kids needed some clothes so badly and I had nothing extra in the budget. These clothes were not only a bargain, but they are beautiful, great quality and look brand new. They were much nicer than I expected from looking at the site, even! The little purple dress for my baby girl came new with tags. They get these clothes donated in the name of schools, and give 40% to the school chosen to credit the donation to. Lucky me, I’d earned some Paypal money and was able to use it to pay for the items, so it took nothing out of our budget.

Does anyone in your house need clothes?? Use my referral link for your $20 credit now, and don’t forget that coupon code for 30% off!!

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