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Acts of Random Kindness


Mama and Me

You Can Change the World One Act of Random Kindness At a Time!

I originally wrote just to share with my friends only seven months after my mom passed away. She diagnosed with lung cancer (as a non-smoker) on October 19, 2006 and passed away December 20, 2006. She was only 44 years old when she died, and her 51st birthday would’ve been this month. In her honor, I’m sharing this, and intending to renew my vow to do little “acts of random kindness”. Feel free to share your own thoughts and feelings on the topic…

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Acts of

Tonight I went with my dad & brother to see the movie Evan Almighty.

Going into the movie, I was expecting sheer stupidity & goofiness and maybe a few laughs. I wasn’t disappointed. I giggled & cackled my way through the film. (Any story involving a guy who is told to build an ark in a high class modern neighborhood has gotta be pretty funny!) However, the part that stuck in my mind wasn’t anything that brought snickering to my soul. It was a simple statement that went along with something I’ve been thinking about alot here recently. That statement was this…

“You can change the world one act of random kindness at a time.”

Mom, Nana and Me

Mom, Nana and Me

Do you know what is the most amazing thing about that simple little statement? It’s true! If each & every one of us took it in our hearts to do all those acts of random kindness that we know we should do, but are usually rushing too quickly through life to do- it would change the world in wonderful ways. People would smile more, blood pressure would lower, heart attacks & churning stomachs & bad nerves would be less of an issue and the world would be much less stressful & more happy than we can even imagine.
This past Monday night, our Bible study group leader challenged us to spend this week trying to look for small ways to serve others and show kindness every little chance we get, and observe what sort of difference it makes in our lives & our outlook. Since this was something I’d already been thinking on, and it was reiterated for me in a goofy comedy tonight, I’m taking this on as a seriously fun challenge. I’m going to be looking out for itty-bitty ways to share joy, help others, be kind, and randomly serve those around me.
How about trying this with me? Open a door, carry some groceries, give someone a hug, compliment someone on a job well done, let a car in front of you even if you have been stuck in traffic for an ungodly length of time…just go ahead and do any kindness you can see to be done. Don’t leave it for someone else to do. Don’t think that it isn’t important. Think about the times your life has been positively impacted by a kindness that was fairly insignificant…and pass along that impact!

Don’t forget…
“You can change the world one act of random kindness at a time.”

Is there some little act of random kindness that has impacted your life in a big way? Share it with me! I wanna hear about it. Please share this message with anyone who could use a little kindness in life!

July 4, 2007

Has a small act of kindness impacted your life in a big way? What acts of random kindness have you done lately, or had done for you? I’ve had seemingly random or small acts of kindness that were pretty huge to me and sometimes life changing. I plan a follow-up post (or series of posts, even) in the nearby future telling a few of those stories. Share, people, share! I’m all eyes here. 🙂

This is a beautiful little book about random acts of kindness you can do Wisdom From Random Acts of Kindness

Interested in the rest of this series? Please read Continuing the Kindess and Share the Kindness!

Loving My Babies Like Mama Loved Me

Loving My Babies Like Mama Loved Me

7 thoughts on “Acts of Random Kindness

  1. This really brought back some memories of your mom, she was so nice and kind hearted! Ill never forget the day I pee’d on Joey tho…
    This day in time its hard to find kind hearted people, like you said everyone is in a rush or moody from having such busy lives that they fail to acknowledge what such a simple gesture would do for the next person. I myself try to be kind everyday even after working 9 hrs and dealing with 3 kids, it can be stressful but its important to realize there is people out there in way worse situations that even just a compliment or a simple “God loves you” would turn their whole day maybe even week around. Sometimes it pays to hide the pride and selfishness to put a smile on someones face..
    I really enjoyed reading this, and know your mom would be so proud of the woman you have become (in her image) 🙂


  2. It takes no more time to be kind than it does to be rude, and it can make a bigger impact on those around us than we ever realize. Just because life isn’t perfect doesn’t mean we can take that out on others. Like you said, there are others in way worse situations, and the simplest word, smile or gesture can make all the difference.
    My mom’s legacy is definitely one of kindness, for me, and I try to live my life that way.
    Thanks for your comments and compliments. They mean alot. I don’t remember what happened after you did that, but I’d imagine you probably saw the sterner side of Mama. 🙂


  3. Great post Keisha and so very true! Random acts of kindness are the best! You look strikingly similar to your Mom!


  4. Reblogged this on South Bossier Girl's Blog and commented:
    I love this blog. You can always find a way to extend some kindness .


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