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Winter Blahs


Winter Blahs

Winter Blahs

I know I’ve been fairly quiet here lately, but the winter blahs have bitten me good! Between all day morning sickness, the wacky winter weather and life itself, my get up and go has gotten up and went!! This year has been quite the experience, and not one I would ever want to repeat, and I am pretty much weary to the bone with it all. I can’t even seem to think of anything worth blogging about, and writing is usually one of my favorite outlets. I just can’t think of much of anything good, inspiring or helpful to tippety tap out on my laptop here. Normally I try to keep things positive, but I’m just going to be real here. I am quite ready for 2014 to be over, and to have a fresh start in the new year. Here’s hoping that 2015 won’t be halfway as difficult as 2014 has been! 🙂

Has anyone else been bitten by the winter blues? Tell me I’m not alone here!


5 thoughts on “Winter Blahs

  1. Good times, they pass. Bad times, they pass. And that’s good lol…

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  2. I am kind of at a loss this year end myself. My Mom died in November 2012. My Dad died in January 2014. My life long best friend surrogate mom died in June. All of my usual traditions for Thanksgiving and Christmas are no longer possible. It’s not so much that I’m sad, but I’m kind of lost. Thank the Lord my three sisters and I are all wearing our thinking caps. Next year already promises some bright and beautiful things for you my friend. You are in my prayers.


    • That is a lot of loss in a short time. It would take the wind out of anyone’s sails, I’m sure. My husband lost his grandfather and his mother both this year, as well as many other things happening, so it has been quite a year here. Thank you for the encouragement and prayers!


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