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What Lung Cancer Can’t Do


Mom & PawPaw, Together in Heaven Now

Mom & PawPaw, Together in Heaven Now

November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month.

My mom- a previously healthy non-smoker- died of lung cancer just before Christmas in 2006  at the young age of 44, a whirlwind two months after her diagnosis. We don’t know what caused her disease, and still don’t understand how such a vibrant, healthy and active woman succumbed to it so rapidly. I’ve learned that dwelling on what cancer has taken from my family and what power it can have over us can be completely soul numbing. Instead of dwelling on what lung cancer can do and what it can rob from us…this month I want to remind myself and others of what lung cancer can’t do.

Lung cancer can steal your voice, but it cannot take the words you have spoken. Choose words of love, encouragement and peace.

Lung cancer can leech away your energy, but it can’t quench your spirit. My mom was still such a caring, curious person all the way to her last breath.

Lung cancer can stop your heart, but it cannot stop the love you have inside of it. Show that love to those you care for.

Lung cancer can zap the strength from your body, but it can’t touch the strength of your soul. Who you are is stronger than cancer.

Lung cancer can take away life from your loved one, but it can never, ever take away the memories, legacy and relationships you have. Those will live on long after you are gone, regardless of whether you are taken by cancer or die in your sleep at the ripe ol’ age of 105.

Cancer doesn’t always win even in the physical realm. Don’t think I am saying it has to take all of these physical things away….but it can. As long as there is light in the eyes and breath in the body, there is hope. There are so many things it cannot reach, though, and we all need to remember that. Don’t give lung cancer- or any cancer- that kind of power over you. That power belongs to us, as humans. The human spirit soars far above and beyond anywhere that any disease can reach.

Never forget. What can you think of that lung cancer can’t take away?

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If you are interested in lung cancer related items to inspire hope and/or remembrance, here are a few of my favorite picks:

This beautiful Ribbon of Hope Angel is holding the lung cancer ribbon in her arms. Elements Pearl Ribbon of Hope Angel (Lung Cancer) by Pavilion, 5-Inches Tall
This e-book is free with Kindle Unlimited, and looks like it would be quite helpful in coping with the ups and downs of cancer: Cancer: Coping With Cancer: Controlling and Understanding Emotions of Cancer (Cancer,Cancer Books,Breast Cancer,Colon Cancer,Lung Cancer,Brain Cancer,Prostate Cancer,Leukemia, Skin Cancer)
This lovely bracelet says “Where There Is Love, There is Life” along with the lung cancer ribbon charm…and that is such a powerful statement. I need this reminder, myself! Lung Cancer Charm Bracelet (Retail)

This bracelet has the cancer symbol with the colors for what appears to be all of the cancers we all hate so much, and I love that about it. Prepackaged (7 3/4 in.) Cancer Awareness Bracelet 18 Colors, 8mm

If you are in need of more information or resources for coping with lung cancer, here is the link to a great non-profit organization:

Grace & Truth Link-up @ Busy Being Blessed

27 thoughts on “What Lung Cancer Can’t Do

  1. as always…. you have shared your thoughts so well. Thank you Keisha.


  2. Beautifully said!


  3. What a beautiful post. Thank you for sharing your story. Lung cancer cannot stop the loving nature of the person is nor the love surrounding him or her from friends and family. We lost my Mother-in-law to lung cancer, but she made the most of all of her moments post diagnosis.


  4. This is beautifully written. I’m sorry for your loss. I’m sure your mom is very missed.


  5. What a beautiful reminder of what cancer isn’t. I lost my grandmother to lung cancer in 2004. I am sorry for your loss, it is such an ugly disease.


  6. God bless you. My mom passed away from lung cancer too 😦 Thank you for reminding us what it can’t do. xoxo


  7. Lung cancer took a friend of mine. It was heartbreaking. I’m so sorry about your loss.


  8. I know someone that lets her health affect her mood and state of mind. It’s sad. Negativity only worsens your health. I can’t imagine having cancer, so please don’t feel like I’m judging.


  9. So beautifully written and a good reminder for us to focus on and count our blessings even in the midst of trials.


  10. So beautiful! I will be sharing! 🙂


  11. Very beautiful! And thanks for sharing all the resources at the end. Someone I know died from lung cancer, and it’s not fun.


  12. I’m sorry for your loss, my grandma passed from lung cancer four years ago. LUng cancer couldn’t take away her smile, she was always smiling, even in pain. thanks for sharing this.


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