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Powerful Princesses


powerful princesses role models for todays little girls

Does it bother anyone else for their little girls to aspire to be a princess in the classic “I’m so helpless! Please rescue me and cater to my unrealistic whims, oh, obscurely perfect man of my insanely romanticized fairytale dreams!”?

I love letting my daughter play dress up, be girly, and pretend to be a princess, but the helpless and hopeless romantic version grates on my nerves more than a wee bit. That’s why I’m an enthusiastic fan of the spunky and sassy princess types! They make the point that you can be a pretty princess simultaneously with being strong, intelligent and perfectly capable of taking care of yourself, and that’s a message I can get behind. 🙂

Want some princesses for your little girls to learn about who are far from wilting weaklings? These are powerful women our girls can look up to! Check these rockin’ royals out, y’all! 😉

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Sofia the First: Once Upon a Princess

This little princess wasn’t born in a palace. Her mother was a poor village woman who married the king, making her a newly minted princess with all the quirks of an ordinary sweet & spunky little girl, along with the newfound trappings of royalty. She is a kind, but very resourceful, little person. Sophia is a totally relatable little princess, in her own magical way.
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 Mulan / Mulan II:

Mulan’s father was in poor health, and was called up to war. She courageously took his place, and became a renowned and rewarded soldier, with some interesting twists along the way.
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Esther from the Bible was The Queen Who Saved Her People

Esther was actually a real queen, way back in the days of the Old Testament. In a day when women- even queens- ordinarily had very little power or influence, she managed to save the entire Israelite people in her kingdom using her intelligence, wisdom, grace and every ounce of power she had. She accomplished amazing things, especially considering the time she was living in. She was definitely a royal of worth!
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Merida from Brave:

Merida is certainly nowhere close to the helpless maiden type! She had to learn how to calm her wild spirit through a whole series of crazy adventures where the princess is the girl who is both causing trouble and fixing it herself . When they say brave, it royally fits!
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 Anna and Elsa Frozen (Two-Disc Blu-ray / DVD + Digital Copy):

Who can forget this super duper popular pair of sisters-their struggles and strength through their fantastical adventures? Wimpy little ladies they are not! They are full of determination, character and spunk. Let it go! 😉
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Rapunzel of Tangled:

Now, I think of the classic Rapunzel as the aforementioned annoyingly helpless and pathetic princess type. The version who appears in the movie Tangled, however, is anything but that! She grew up sheltered in a tower, but she broke free and corralled a young man into helping her along in her urgent quest.
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Princess Leia from Star Wars:

Intergalactic strong woman and princess, anyone?? Doesn’t get any cooler than that!
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Do you know of any other atypical brave princesses or other strong royal ladies whom your little girls adore? Are they fans of any of the amazing girls I mentioned?

21 thoughts on “Powerful Princesses

  1. This is good to read! Of course, raising a little boy, I was not attuned to the nuances of the old-fashioned fairy tale and the damage it could do. But I wasI definitely raised on them, and waited for my prince, having grown up on them!

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  2. Absolutely. My little girls just dressed up as Sofia the First for the release of Sleeping Beauty. It was so fun watching them dress up and hit the city! 🙂

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  3. I am glad the new direction of princesses is to have them be proactive, brave and smart. Our kids enjoy Sofia the first (girl and boys).


  4. My daughter LOVES Frozen and Tangled…. Me too 🙂 I agree I do not want to worry about her being “helpless” she has 2 older brothers to keep her from being to soft.


  5. My 2 year old daughter is obsessed with princesses. Her boy cousin, who is 9 months older, is now obsessed with being a king or prince – depending on the day! I love watching them dress up and DANCE together! Melts my heart!!


  6. My daughter is two years old now and she definitely loves to try everything that mommy has. Be it my necklaces, scarf, ear rings…everything. I let her do that but I (and on that matter, my husband too) are determined to try our best to raise her to be an independent women. Such a great point you raised here.


  7. My 2 year old, Alara, is stuck in between 2 brothers. She loves Ariel but also princess Leia from Star Wars! My husband is a huge SW fan and we watch the movies often. My daughter loves playing light sabers with her older brother, pretending to be Leia! So cute! I think she also has a secret crush on Darth Vader! Creepy, I know, but she loves him! Leia is definitely a strong princess, not the Disney kind, but still a princess!!

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  8. Yes! She’s pretty cool! And someday I hope to look amazing in a gold bikini again! 😉

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  9. I saw a very interesting video last night addressing this very topic. While I’m not crazy about young ladies using foul language – little boys, either! – I agreed with the point!


  10. Reblogged this on Penny Pinching Peach and commented:

    I have updated my list of princesses who encourage girls to grow up to be strong women! If you know any little girls, this is for them!

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