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Cloud Dough


So much fun!

So much fun!

Has anyone made their own play dough? I hadn’t, but I was looking for a new project for little miss creative when I saw a recipe for something they called “cloud dough”. It looked so easy, fun and super duper cheap to make, I had to give it a try.

The recipe? Two parts corn starch to one part hair conditioner of choice. I let my little one pick one that was pink and she liked the smell of. Mix until it’s all combined. It will be the roughly consistency of play dough, smell like conditioner, and have a soft fluffy feel to it ( hence the cloud part).

My daughter loves this stuff! She says it is even better than regular

Glittery Dough

Glittery Dough

playdough, because it’s soft and makes her hands smell yummy. We keep it in a Ziploc bag between playing. Our first batch kept for several weeks, then we made a second. It takes very little time or money, and scored high points for Mommy. It has kept her busy for hours, and I even let my little guy play with it some, if I am able to stay by them to watch closely.

A fun change up is one we just tried yesterday. I sprinkled a tiny bit of gold glitter on the table and let her roll the

dough in it, then she squished the glitter all up in it. Now she has sparkly cloud dough, which she calls her sparkly fairy dough. 🙂

Pink Cloud Dough

Pink Cloud Dough

Updating to share yet another twist on this fun dough we make regularly! 🙂 If you’re like me, and don’t keep dyes around on a regular basis, but do

Green Cloud Dough

Green Cloud Dough

keep sugar sprinkles for decorating baked goods, this one is for you! My kiddos had been arguing over what dough was whose, so I was brainstorming for a way to differentiate. I reached for the green and red sugar sprinkles in the spice cabinet and mixed a generous amount into each of their batches separately. My girly girl Princess Peachy wound up with a beautiful pink to make her little heart smile, and my dinosaur loving Bambam got a soul satisfying light green. No more fussing!! 🙂

Who wants to whip up a batch of this stuff? It is super simple, inexpensive and smells wonderful! 🙂

7 thoughts on “Cloud Dough

  1. I started making my own playdough when my youngest was still putting things in her mouth and I didn’t want my oldest to wait for such a fun experience like playdough. After discovering some of the effects of food dyes, especially Blue #1 since it can be absorbed through the skin, I decided homemade was best. It is incredibly easy, cheap,safe and really does last a long time. Some cheap cookie cutters and it’s my go to activity when Mommy needs to get some work done.


    • I don’t know much about Blue #1, but I know that Red #40 turns my sweet babies into demon children. I guess I’ll have to start researching more of the dyes. Just trying to eliminate that one dye has made a HUGE difference with my oldest!

      I like anything with more basic ingredients for little ones to play with like that. It really is a fun activity for them!


  2. Tell me about it. I was so sad to say goodbye to koolaid, I did half and half fruit punch and pomegranate juice and my kiddos loved it and so did I. It’s gone now, rip Red #40.


    • My daughter loves purple and princesses, and wanted all sorts of purple things for her birthday. I wanted to minimize the Red #40 intake, so I made “purple princess punch” using grape juice and sprite. Everyone loved it, even the adults, and nooooo crazies from anything but sugar. 🙂


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