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Frugally Fashionable


Her outfit came from this consignment visit, worn the day she found out the new baby is a SISTER! :)

Her outfit came from this consignment visit, worn the day she found out the new baby is a SISTER! 🙂

Soooo….my children were beginning to look like neglected waifs a lot of days, especially my long legged oldest with her floodwater pants and the many stains on my rough & tumble Bambam’s clothing. I am also finding myself scraping the barrel for clothing options for those times when short pants and stains were just not appropriate (like winter, for the former…LOL), since I wore out so many of my maternity items with my second pregnancy and prolonged recovery. I was pondering the horror of deciding what would actually fit into the budget, knowing I wouldn’t put myself in there, when the phone rang. *RING!!! RING!!!!* It was an auto call from a local consignment shop, informing me of half price days. Whoop, whoop!! Clothes shopping time, y’all!!! 😉

For just $31, at two consignment shops that are beside each other and run sales at the same time, we got a ton of very nice clothing in like new condition!!! For Princess Peachy: 4 pairs of pants, a ruffly skirt with a bow on it, a sparkly purple long sleeved top, a gymnastics/swimming suit and a short sleeved shirt. For Bambam: A jacket, 2 shirts, 2 pairs of pants, a pair of footie jammies. For Mommy: 2 shirts, a pair of pjs,  a dress, all of which will work through pregnancy and breastfeeding, both. Just the dress would have cost about $50-$60 new, and it looks brand new.

To save money on clothing while still looking fashionable and fresh, consignment shops and thrift stores are a terrific option! For me, I honestly don’t give a flip what is in style, but I don’t want to look like I got my outfit from a dumpster, either. Even if you care about the latest style, you can often find what you’d like at these places. Dumpster chic is not my thing, and consignment stores and thrift stores don’t leave me with that undesirable look. You can choose to consign your own clothing that is outgrown or just not worn often enough in exchange for money or credit toward clothing your family can actually wear. Half price days at these stores are a great way to save, as well as supporting local business and inadvertently being green in your choice of clothing. What’s not to love? 😉

Of course, this isn’t my only trick. I hit up online sales, piling coupon codes onto clearance and sales prices. I buy the next season’s clothing at the end of the season when everything is seriously marked down. There are countless little tricks that add up to serious savings!

What do you do to clothe your family on a tight budget? Another trick of mine is Schoola Discount Clothes!

4 thoughts on “Frugally Fashionable

  1. I really feel like my kids not only dress for cheaper when I buy at consignment stores, but way better because people (at least around here) often consign or donate name brand clothes that have hardly been worn at all or even still have the tags on them. I love consignment stores! And really, it seems like what’s in style often is not at all what I would want to wear anyway…maybe that’s a sign of getting old. 🙂 I love your thrifty suggestions!

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    • I would agree with that. They get better clothing and more variety than we could afford if we bought everything brand new.
      I have never really cared what was in style, so they work great for me. 🙂 I wear what I think looks good and is comfy.


  2. I am the same way! I buy about 75% of my clothes from thrift stores/yard sales/ consignment stores/etc. My daughter who is almost 20 also loves going “thrifting” with me. My 16 y/o son is a bit different, he will wear stuff that I find for him, but loves to buy the latest trends. I give him a budget and if he goes over, he has to spend his own money. I think people are crazy that pay full price for the latest trendy stuff. Check out my Frugal Fashion posts, where I showcase clothes I have bought and how much I paid for the whole outfit. Have a Blessed day!

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