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Pinecone Christmas Angels


pinecone angel

I don’t have many unshakable Christmas traditions, since I didn’t grow up celebrating. I do have a couple that I started with my own little ones. One is that we always decorate Christmas cookies, even if it’s like last year when we did the kind of cookies that come from premade dough because Mommy’s morning sickness was kicking her hiney. The second is that we make some sort of Christmas decoration. So far this year, we made pinecone angels!

These pinecone angels were so much fun for my 3 and 6 year olds to make with Mommy! It was easy enough that they could do most of it themselves, but hard enough to keep their attention.

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The materials you need are so simple:

Give your kiddos the wings and stickers. Let them choose the colors for the halo and bow. I did a simple circle halo and twist wings.  Either let them draw or paint the face on the head or do it yourself if they are too young. When they finish, assemble and glue and set somewhere stable & out of the way to dry. You could tie a ribbon around them to hang to the tree, but we chose to just set them beside the kids’ TV.

My littles are quite proud of their ornaments. What do you think? Would you like to try more ornaments? Try my ever popular Salt Dough Christmas Ornaments or my fun Beaded Ornaments!

5 thoughts on “Pinecone Christmas Angels

  1. These pine cone angels are super cute. I love that you made something so special without spending much money at all. I love Christmas time and angels are so perfect for this time of the year. Perfect ornament to make. My kids would love this. We have some large pine cones and foam balls….Can’t wait to make this. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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