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Clean Trick For Dirty Grease


clean greaseI’ve always hated cleaning the bowl I use to catch the grease drained from hamburger after it has been browned.

It seems like the grease never really scrubs off. I feel the slippery sliminess even after repeated scrubbings. Well, one day I was cooking my ground beef and thinking in distaste of the greasy task ahead when I had an AHA!! moment.

What if I used a plastic grocery sack to line the bowl before I poured the grease into it? It worked!!

As long as there are no real holes in the bag, it keeps most or all of the grease from touching the bowl. After it has been poured out and the bag discarded, the bowl simply needs rinsed with hot soapy water and it is ready to go. Soooooo much better than the former slimy horror!! This is a trick I wish I’d thought of years ago!!!

Anyone else have a simple, frugal, wonderful trick like this? Is there any annoying task you wish you could find a quick solution for?

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