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My Top Favorite Rewards Programs

My Top Favorite Rewards Programs

My Top Favorite Rewards Programs

I thought that I would share some of my favorite rewards  and referral programs with y’all! These are super handy for saving and even earning money! This type of thing is a big deal for a stay at home homeschool mom like myself, and I’m sure it will be super beneficial for you, too!

My little family may receive compensation of some form when you use the referral links below, but it will cost you nothing to help us out!

Advanced Auto Parts

You get a $30 credit for using my referral link, and I get one for $10! After you join, you can give $30 to your friends and receive $10 for yourself! I absolutely love the way this is set up, because we get to really bless our friends while rewarding ourselves a bit! Who doesn’t need something from Advanced Auto, seriously??


I am giving you a $20 off coupon for Vistaprint! In return, I get a $20 credit for any order my friends make that’s over $40! You can do the same!

My Reader Rewards

My Reader Rewards is a quick and easy way to get FREE books simple by doing simple tasks and sharing with friends! I have been using this for years, and most holidays I have books from them for all three of my kids gifts.

Schoola Clothes

Schoola Clothing

Schoola Clothing, follow the referral link for an immediate $10 credit to order, plus more when you refer friends! You can also choose to send clothes to them and benefit the school of your choice, since a portion of their profits goes to schools designated by the people who send them in. We have been super happy with everything we’ve gotten from them.

Survey Savvy

At Survey Savvy, there are multiple ways to earn your rewards. You can do surveys, earn $5 a month per device you download  Savvy Connect onto, and you can do referrals! Referrals earn up to $15 for direct referrals and up to $6 for their referrals!

Card Pool

Here’s where you can get discounted gift cards with a guarantee from the seller! With their referral program, you and your friend get $5 credits per referral!

Barefut Essential Oils

With Barefut Essential Oils, you earn 5% back on everything you spend, plus they have ever changing free sample kits, frequent sales and free shipping with any order over $25!
barefūt Essential Oils


This store has all things outdoors, and you get a $10 credit just for clicking my referral link, plus you can earn more $10 credits just for referring your friends!! This would be an amazing place to get gifts for people like my husband, the eternal outdoorsman!

Doggy Loot

My Loot From Doggy Loot


Doggyloot gives a free credit you can use immediately,  with free shipping.  Join the referral program to get more freebies for pets and pet lovers! They also donate to shelters with their profits, which I love!


Evitamins carries a vast array of health items, from vitamins to lotions to grocery items and more! Get a $5 credit automatically when using my referral link! Earn credits from referrals and product reviews!


Which of these programs are you the most excited to try? I think I included something for absolutely everyone, and truly hope these help someone out! I have appreciated the people who shared their frugal tricks with me, and want to pass it on to you!

Want more savings? Learn about some great Happy Birthday Freebies!!   

To interact with likeminded frugal folks, please feel free to join my no-drama-allowed Facebook group Naturally Frugal and Healthy on a Budget!


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National Pet Preparedness Month With Doggy Loot

Poochy Play Pals

Poochy Play Pals

June is National Pet Preparedness Month. It’s about keeping your pets prepared for a disaster, and having a plan in how to take care of them if something happens. You need to have a kit ready with all of the essentials they may need, as detailed at the link at the end of this post.

Also, in honor of the month of keeping pets prepared, I thought I’d once again share one of my favorite sites to use to keep my pooches prepared. I have continued to order since this was originally written, and have had the same positive experience each time with their products, pricing, and the speed in which they delivered my orders. You can get credit just for signing up, resulting in free or verrrrrry inexpensive products. Check it out!
Doggie Loot

What pets do you have? Our current roundup is one lazy dog, two spoiled cats, two broody chickens with no possibility of chickies and two (three any day now!!!) little monkeys (otherwise known as our children 😉 ).

For more info on preparing your pets for an emergency, scurry over to the link below:

American Humane


Doggy Loot…WOOF WOOF!!!

Woof!! Woof!!!

My Loot From Doggy Loot

My Loot From Doggy Loot

This is a great deal for my pet lover friends!! You’ve got to try this little place called Doggy Loot!

They have a rotating stock of discount pet items, which are mostly for dogs. A few items would be suitable for cats, as well. I ordered a pink flamingo Kong toy for my doggies for just $9 (when it is normally a $16 toy). Keep reading, and I am sure you can guess my out-of-pocket cost on this item. 🙂 However, this is still a great deal if you buy your dogs toys to play with, even if you are paying for it.

Squeak, squeak!

Squeak, squeak!

When it came in, my little girl was very excited to give it to her doggies. I was pleased with the quality and cuteness of their new squeaky chew toy. Our dogs, Ducky & Gypsy, were tickled pink with their new toy. They “argued” over it briefly & playfully before my older, stuffed animal obsessed Gypsy took her new “baby” into her doghouse with her puppy dog stuffed animal. She just sat there grinning for the longest time.

Happy about their loot!

Happy about their loot!

To sum it all up, Doggy Loot gets good reviews from me for speedy shipping, a good quality product, and arriving exactly as represented on the site. Now, how do you get a great deal for yourself?

First step, obviously, is to go to the site and sign up. You get a $5 credit just for joining! Once you do that, click “My Credit”, and then go to “Dogs”. Just for filling out your dog’s info, you get another $5 credit. Since most items are about $10 to $20 and shipping is free, this is a real steal! Please click my referral link here to join the fun:

Happy doggy!

Happy doggy!

Please come back and let me know what you ordered and how you like it. I’m excited about this site! 🙂