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Kids Eat Free


Kids Eat Free

Kids Eat Free

Ideally, we’d all have time to cook a balanced and delicious dinner every single night. Since we don’t live in an ideal world, and many of us just plain enjoy going out to eat at a restaurant with our family now and then, I’ve scoured the web for resources for finding those infamous kids eat free specials that make eating out with children so much more affordable. I’m sharing a few of my favorite links here.

Kids Eat Free This site lets you search for your state and city, giving you a list of restaurants who have any sort of free kids meals, including details about times and eligibility. Really great site!

Kids Eat 4 Free Super duper user friendly, this site allows you to either search by city & state or by zip code and distance. It also gives clear details about the when, where and how of all the bargains listed.

Kids Meal Deals Not only listing free kids meals, but also places with super special bargains, this site has a simple search engine where you type in your zip code, select a day of the week (or all days) and there you have your results. Click for details of each. 🙂

Out to Eat With Kids This site has a similar search system to Kids Eat 4 Free, but each of these sites seem to have slightly different lists of restaurants where munchkins can eat free. It’s worth doing a quick search of each to see which you can take advantage of.

What restaurant do you wish had free kids meals? Which are you happy is participating? What is just plain your favorite restaurant to eat at with your kiddos?

8 thoughts on “Kids Eat Free

  1. We love kids eat free deals! Thanks for the sites!


  2. Awesome, thanks for sharing!! One of my kids is now ordering from the adult menu but two are still “kids” – I appreciate the help! 😀


  3. This is great! I was just thinking about what we were going to do to keep our lunch costs low tomorrow after my ultrasound appointment in town 😉


  4. ideally my world would have me going out to eat every night 😉 that would be the perfect world for this momma 🙂
    I love kids eat free though, we do not have a lot of them here


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