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Thanksgiving Turkey Craft



Upcycled Thanksgiving Turkey

Upcycled Thanksgiving Turkey

For our preschool the other day I decided to make it all about Thanksgiving.

First, I told my daughter the 4 year old comprehensible version of the first Thanksgiving and we had a discussion about the things we are thankful for.

She was especially thankful for her mommy, daddy, baby brudder, all her animals and food. 🙂

Next, I sent her into the yard to gather leaves while I got together craft supplies for her project of the day!

I like re-using random items in our crafts, so I grabbed part of a thing cardboard insert I’d been saving from a box of drinks  (an old cereal box would work) and cut pieces to make a turkey body and head, cut a slit in the neck and chest to be able to stick them together, trimmed an old Reeses’ candy eggs box, then laid them out with her crayons and markers so that she could decorate her turkey however she wanted, and got some googly eyes to glue on when she was finished decorating. She had a blast! When she was through, I couldn’t find any clear tape, so I just used masking tape to tape the cardboard pieces around the box “stand”, put the head on and helped her tape the leaf tail on the backside. It would’ve been prettier with clear, obviously, but Princess Peach is pleased as punch, and that’s what counts. 🙂

Thanks for Turkey?

Thanks for Turkey?

Once the turkey was proudly perched on our windowsill, I wrote out THANKS and TURKEY on two pages, had her point out all of the letters and we talked about the words. Then she did her best to copy the words out. She also made a picture with her two hands traced and the word THANKS at the top later that day, because she enjoyed her Thanksgiving theme so much and didn’t want to be finished with it. 🙂

What kind of fun Thanksgiving themed things do you do with your little ones? Try my Free Printable Thanksgiving Turkey Craft!

15 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Turkey Craft

  1. That’s a pretty realistically colored turkey for a 4 year old! My children would have made purple, green and black versions, or something equally wild! 🙂 Good job, both of you!


    • Thanks! 🙂 She is prone to trying to color realistically or completely wild and crazy. I never know which, and I let her do whatever she wanted in decorating her turkey. I was kinda surprised she went with realistic, but she was so excited to show it off to Daddy that I think she wanted him to be impressed with her skills. LOL


  2. How fun, I love any craft that I can use my recyclables for!!


  3. Awwwww so.adorable!!!! Love crafts that can be whipped up via items at home 🙂


  4. That is a pretty neat craft! Love it!


  5. Fun!


  6. Wow! That turkey is pretty awesome! Good job Princess Peach!
    We haven’t done much Thanksgiving craftiness, but we are working on a nativity scene right now. 🙂


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