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Free Printable Thanksgiving Turkey Craft


Thanksgiving turkey printable

Thanksgiving turkey printable

Getting into the spirit of Thanksgiving crafts?

I’m always sketching fun things for my kiddos to work on, and this time it was a turkey template for them to color and give a festive leafy tail. I sent them out to hunt for pretty leaves for their turkey tails while I quickly sketched a turkey for them to color. I happened to think that if my munchkins were this excited about it, maybe yours would be, too. I usually don’t think of it until after we finish a project, but this time I decided to make it into my first free printable and see how y’all like it. It’s easy peasy, but kept my little ones occupied quite awhile. It got them running through the beautiful autumn outdoors with their grocery bag, hunting for the perfect leaves. Once they were tired of doing that, it gave them something fun to do awhile and finally to display in honor of the upcoming holiday.

Want to make your own Thanksgiving leaf turkey?

First, gather up some leaves. If you don’t have any real leaves available, you can substitute construction paper leaves, feathers or anything else your little imagination can conjure.

Next, have your little artists color those turkeys you printed off and cut it out.

Then glue or tape the leaves to a paper plate in a circular pattern and glue or tape the turkey over where they intersect so it looks like the tail.

Tada!!! Turkey perfection….or close enough to make you smile!

Ready to make your own turkey? Head on over to my link below for your free printable!

It’s simple and unpolished, since it was freehanded with a sharpie originally, but it’s freeeeeee and made for a fun time for us!

Free Turkey Printable

If you need some more fun crafts to do that use common household items, check out my upcycled Thanksgiving Turkey Craft or this list of 10 Preschool Activities Using Household Items!

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