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Black and Blue Butterfly Greetings From Heaven


Butterfly greetings from heaven

Butterfly greetings from heaven

Losing my mom to cancer changed so much about me.

It changed my personality, my perspective and even my life plans. Everything about myself was intertwined with her, and suddenly a huge part of the fabric of who I was, the life I had and my hopes for the future was ripped away. I was left feeling torn apart, broken and irreparable. Visiting her grave was no comfort to me, and I felt at a loss for any tangible way to feel that connection with my mom while she was gone. It hurt in such an achingly empty manner, I can’t even explain it in words.

One day as I was walking outside, praying & crying & wishing I could talk to Mom about whatever crisis I was coping with or just get another one of her warm, loving, mama hugs…it happened. God sent the comforting symbol I needed. I was randomly surrounded by fluttering blue and black butterflies! To most people, this would seem magical and beautiful. To me, it was a sign from Heaven of my mom’s continued love. You see, her favorite color combination was blue and black. One of my favorite things in the world is butterflies, and she would often give me little things to do with butterflies. The unique combination of those two things that were so special to each of us and personally significant between us was a symbol to me, and something I latched onto. Finally, something tangible to bring me comfort and help me to feel connected to my mom!

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These black and blue Butterfly Greetings from Heaven have recurred over the years many times, usually at moments when I was thinking of my mom or dealing with something difficult and feeling alone.

Sometimes it’s a lone butterfly, others an entire swarm of them, and at times they even land on me as I watch them and try to listen to whatever message may be whispered to me by God in that moment when He has my attention.

The butterfly hello has also become an unexpected and beautiful way for my daughter to feel connected to the grandma she was never blessed to get to know.

When she sees blue and black butterflies- after hearing my story of the time the black and blue butterflies swarmed me when I was feeling sad and missing my mama and how they always make me think of her when I see them now- she will say “Hi Grandma! I love you, too!”. It brings bittersweet tears to my eyes every time it happens, and is yet another thing that is special about these particular butterflies for me.

If you have lost anyone close to you, is there something special that makes you feel connected to them in particular, like they’re saying hello, or just plain brings you comfort when you see it? Read my Letter to My Mom.

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15 thoughts on “Black and Blue Butterfly Greetings From Heaven

  1. aww, nice! thank you Keisha and may God continue to rain beauty around you!

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  2. Oh my, what a beautiful story. I have no doubt that those who have passed on are still as active in our lives as they were when they were here. Such an amazing blessing for you and your daughter to feel and see that love in such a tangible way! Knowing that this is not the end, that those we love are not gone, makes all the difference in the world. I have had experiences where I’ve felt the presence of loved ones passed on occasionally as well, and they are moments I treasure. I have never seen a blue and black butterfly by the way, and your picture is the prettiest I’ve ever seen.

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    • It’s such a blessing to have this kind of experience. I don’t think our loved ones are ever fully gone from us. Their spirits and love linger with us, in a way.
      I hadn’t seen nearly as many of this type of butterfly before this. Thank you!


  3. That is something to treasure Keisha!! Is this eight years today?


  4. what a beautiful post! My uncle passed when I was little and I was very close to him– my uncle Bobby. When I was pregnant w my 2nd baby my older child–she was just 2 at the time–told me that the baby I was having was a boy & his name was Bobby. I know my uncle was watching and had a hand it that. My daughter neve met him or even heard about him prior to that moment and she didn’t know anyone named Bobby. So as soon as we found out he was a boy (my daughter was right!!) we named him Nicholas Robert after my uncle.


    • Thanks for sharing your story!! That sounds like such a heaven send! It’s amazing when things like that happen. I’m surprised sometimes at the ways my daughter is like my mom, who she never met, or shares a bond with her she never had a chance to develop on earth.


  5. God speaks to us through so many wonderful ways, doesn’t He? What a special reminder of His love and hers. We are not just a number or a speck on cosmic trail. We are each precious, special, unique, and loved by the Father. Thanks for sharing this beautiful way that God uses to speak to you. He knows you.

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  6. What a beautiful thought. I am so sorry for your loss. My hubby associates butterflies with his sister who has passed away. Our 3yo even yells “Hi Aunt Jenny” when he see them.

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    • Really? That is so sweet! I love when there is something real and living that can be used to help connect us to those who have passed on, even the little ones who probably didn’t know (or don’t remember) the loved one who’s gone now.


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