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Christmas Candy Blessing


Christmas candy

So, you have no money to spend for Christmas? You’re not the only one!

This year has been one of getting extremely creative and being very wise with very little. Christmas has just upped that to a whole different level!

I have been putting off buying Christmas candy for my kids’ stockings. I just didn’t have extra money and they are always with me, anyway. The other day my husband kept the two older kids after we figured out our grocery budget, so I could get a break and concentrate on shopping. I’d waited almost two weeks to go for anything other than a gallon of milk and some bananas, because I could cook with what I had and we didn’t have the money for more. I wanted to get my babies some candy for their stockings! They expect candy canes and chocolate, so I wanted to at least get one package of each. I set my budget at a whopping $1.00 maximum, and was confident I could do it. I only had change in my purse and wasn’t using my debit card before I hit the grocery store, so that was it.

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I carefully planned out my deals and stackable coupons and headed into CVS. With thoughtful selection and mental mathematics, I did it!! I was able to get two bags of two different flavored Hershey’s kisses, a pack of candy canes AND two plastic candy canes filled with gummies! My total savings was- wait for it- 100%!!!! I handed the cashier the 38 cents of tax that wasn’t paid by my overage (the tax itself was supposed to be $1.20) and couldn’t stop myself from exclaiming “Yay!!! I had nothing in my budget for Christmas candy, so thank God for coupons and bargain shopping!”. She laughed and said “That is awesome!”.

Moral of the story? God will provide, positive thinking pays off….and penny pinching is AWESOME!!!

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2 thoughts on “Christmas Candy Blessing

  1. Hooray! Sometimes it’s those little victories that give us the biggest afterglow isn’t it? 🙂 We don’t really do much for Christmas ourselves, but I can sure relate to the pinching and creative thinking, it’s been one of those years for us too! Merry Christmas my friend!

    (We’ll soon be heading to Florida to be with my husbands family for Christmas, I’ll be thinking of you as we go through Georgia!)

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