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Phonics Hunt Game

Phonics Hunt

Phonics Hunt

My oldest daughter is currently learning to read. She is doing an amazing job with her schoolwork, and has inherited my voracious love of learning. However, when we did our review work today, I spotted a couple of letters she was having trouble matching with their phonics sounds correctly. I decided that- instead of doing math today (which I don’t do daily with a kindergarten student, since she likes to do a lot at a time, anyway)- I would make up a fun game with multiple parts to help her get a better grasp on the sounds she was struggling with remembering. We needed some outside time to burn energy and get some fresh air, so I incorporated that in with our school time. (Gotta love homeschooling!! Learning happens everywhere!! Since I’m a second generation homeschooler, this is natural & normal for me, but I am seeing a whole different side of it now. Love it! 🙂 )

My Princess Pennypeacher was having trouble with the letters H and N. I handed her a grocery bag, and explained that we were going hunting for things that start with those letters, making the phonics sound for her. Our goal was to find at least three items with each phonics sound. She is very goal oriented, so she loved this!! As we went walking together, searching for objects, I kept repeating the letters and sounds and helping her come up with words starting with those sounds. We found a few things outside, then continued our search in the house. This kept her busily searching for a while, having a good ol’ time all the way, with her little brother following her around shouting the sounds with her without having any idea what he was talking about. 🙂 Once she found three items starting with the H and N sounds, we moved on to the next part of the game.

I had her sit down and choose two pieces of paper to write the uppercase and lowercase versions of each letter at the top of each sheet. Once she did that, I had her pull one item at a time out of the bag, tell me which sound and letter that item started with, set it beside the correct letter sheet and then I helped her write the words by breaking down the sounds in each word to see if she could tell me the matching letter. This was mostly to reiterate the sounds she was working on, but also to check for any other sounds she might be struggling with. This part was less of a hooray kind of fun for her, but she still enjoyed the challenge.

To finish up, we took a silly photo of my kindergartener, her project, and her loyal assistant! 🙂

Do you think your little ones would enjoy this game? It cost nothing whatsoever, so that made my pockets happy. It definitely helped her get a better grasp on the letters she was getting confused on, although I think we will need to do a couple of more fun reviews to make sure she really has it. I love having fun learning with my munchkins! 🙂


Great Gobs of Giveaways!!!

Great Gobs of Giveaways

Great Gobs of Giveaways

I have decided to start sharing some of the awesome- but less widely publicized- giveaways I find on the wonderful worldwide web. If there is enough interest, I’ll make it a weekly feature. I love entering contests, although I rarely win. These will not be giveaways with hundreds of thousands of entries, so you actually have a decent chance to win something. Who doesn’t want a chance to win free stuff? 😉

♥ You could win an ESV Bible, Steady Days~Jamie C Martin, a 2015 planner and Say Goodbye to Survival Mode! Perfect mommy prize pack. (Ends Dec. 28.)

♥ This giveaway is for an SunTurtle Solar Lamp. Great prize for camper, preppers or anyone, really. (Ends Dec. 30.)

♥ Enter for a chance win a $50 gift card to Family Christian. Definitely something any of the Christians among us (or those who aren’t and are friends/family with Christians) would love to win! (Ends Dec. 26.)

♥  Here is yummy giveaway for a $50 Schwan’s gift card. Everybody eats, y’all! 😉 (Ends Jan. 3.)

♥ Enter to try to win a Simply Great Taste Prize Pack, which is described as including: 5 Simply Juice Drink Coupons, 1 Glass Juice Carafe, 1 Set of Essential Highball Glassware, and a $50 American Express Gift Card. Lots to make anyone happy! (Ends 1/1)

♥ Win books 1 and 2 of the After Saga by Anna Todd. Like to read? Go, go, go!! (Ends 12/27)

♥ Win a new 32″ Smart TV from! If you watch TV, like most of us, this is surely something of interest! (Ends 1/3)

♥ Enter to win BuiltNY Oven Mitts and Wine Tote. These would make great hostess gifts or just handy to have for yourself. (Ends 12/30)

♥ Win your own My Very Own Name personalized book! This is absolutely adorable! (Ends 12/31)

♥ Enter to win a $50 Gift Card to GameStop! I know tons of folks who would love this one! (Ends 12/23)

♥ Win a Sticky Mosaics Fairy Box. My little girl would LOVE this!! (ends 12/28)

♥ Enter to win a Xyron Sticker Maker! Turn small, flat objects into stickers! Both of my kids would adore this. (Ends 12/28)

Any bloggers or small businesses with current family friendly giveaways are welcome to post links to one or two of those giveaways with a brief description in the comments section. If you have an upcoming giveaway you would like to be featured, please contact me via my Facebook page with details. With enough interest, this will be a weekly feature here on Penny Pinching Peach, so give a shout if you like this idea and let me know if you entered any contests! Oh, and definitely come back and let me know if you win something, please!!! 🙂


My Reader Rewards

Tyndale Book Rewards

I am so excited to tell y’all about a points reward program for earning free books online called My Reader Rewards (part of Tyndale Publishing)!

I was able to order a book using 90 points I racked up on my first day actually utilizing the site! I was given 25 points right away for following a referral link. The first day I was active on the site, I earned points doing the following: A survey about bibles gave me 15 points, and a short survey about E-readers earned 10 points. Signing up for a newsletter got me 10 points. Signing up to get a free gift through the birthday club earned me 15 points. I also joined their Focus Group, for 25 points now and 25 points for each survey I participate in. This took hardly any time at all, and I’d already earned enough points to get a free book!! 🙂 You can also earn points through referrals, sharing links, asking questions and doing reviews.

This is a super easy way to earn some wonderful free books for your family!

I’ve ordered several books from them so far, and have never been disappointed. The most recent book I received is the one pictured, and will be a beautiful Christmas present for one of my children. I have been pleasantly surprised at the simplicity of the program, and the quality of the books available to buy with my points.  I definitely recommend this program for anyone with readers in the household (which I’m guessing includes most folks who read blogs…LOL).

If you use my referral link, you will automatically be rewarded with 25 points, and I will receive 10 points for the referral.

Let me know how you like it, and what book you order first! 🙂

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