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12 Things I Have Learned From the Mom Life

12 Things

Before I was a mom, I never thought I would discover things like…

Parenting is smelly.

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The inside stuffing of a wet diaper is like yellow snow. Cold, wet, smelly and impossible to clean up every speck when your toddler shreds said diaper all over the house.

I know which child dealt it as soon as I have smelt it.

Small children especially love to serenade you when you’re sitting on the toilet. Must be the great acoustics in the bathroom, you think? It’s like Singing Toilet Paper on steroids!

Parenthood is dirty work!

Dirty dishes multiply at the speed of light,  especially right before unexpected company drops in.

Cleaning with kids in the house seems pointless…until you go on bedrest and realize what it would look like if you actually quit cleaning! I still need a Cleaning while children growing like shoveling while still snowing sign, though!

Daily showers aren’t necessary for survival. Taking a shower with 3 small children in the house takes planning and luck, especially when your husband is on a 72 hour shift.

Parenting is amazing!

My children can make me feel more frustrated than I could ever have imagined, then turn around and fill my world with more joy and love than I could have thought to ask for.

Kiddos see differences in their own beautiful way. My oldest daughter saw an interracial couple with an adorable baby girl. My loud, outgoing, unfiltered little miss squealed delightedly at them “Awwwww! Daddy is chocolate, mommy is vanilla,  and your baby is such a pretty caramel! That is so cool! “. (Thankfully,  they took it in the sweet spirit it was meant.)

Mommy kisses can really cure most booboos instantly. You just have to Kiss Baby’s Boo-Boo to make it all better!

Parenthood is full of surprises!

A human can survive indefinitely on hugs, slobbery kisses, sweet tea and hastily gobbled scraps of food!

There are times when I can’t figure out where my kids got some crazy trait, and then there are times when I look in the mirror and say “Ohhh…you did this to me!!”. Of course, when they do something completely crazy, I look at my firefighter paramedic daredevil of a hubby and say they are Just Like Daddy!

Kids have a mind of their own from birth. Sometimes it drives me crazy. Sometimes it keeps me sane.

I have learned so many unexpected things from the mom life. This is just a few of many. What are some things you’ve learned since you became a parent?

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Dear Mom…

Mom Laughing

Mom in Joyful Times

Dear Mom,

Happy 9th birthday in Heaven!

You should have been 53 today, but you’re forever frozen at 44 in my mind’s eye. I know you’re at peace and free from pain up dancing there in heaven, but I’d rather be able to celebrate the life I feel like you should still be living here on earth.

Just the other day, my oldest daughter- your much longed for granddaughter- came to me sobbing like her little heart was breaking.

Once I calmed her enough to find out what was wrong, my tender hearted, deep thinking child said “Mommy, I’m so sad! My Grandma Dorinda never got to meet me, and now my baby sister will never get to meet our Grandma Dorinda or our Ganna! Both my mommy’s and my daddy’s mommies are in heaven now! It’s not fair! I miss them! They should be here!”. I had no words to comfort my little girl for awhile, because my words were drowned out by the tears I was swallowing for my own grief that came rushing like a flood from the vast void that she reminded me of so powerfully.

Finally, I calmed my own spirit enough to speak, asking God to help me be the

Mom, Nana and Me

Mom, Nana and Me

kind of wise & loving momma I always felt blessed to have. I told her that her Grandma and Ganna were probably watching together from Heaven, bragging to all the other souls up there about having the most beautiful, amazing grandbabies that ever lived. I told her that they both live on in our hearts, in the love we still have for them, and the stories we can tell about them. I told her that love never dies. It lives forever in the hearts of those we loved, no matter what. I told her how lucky she is to have her two grandpas, step-grandma, two great-grandmas and a great grandpa still on earth to give her hugs and see her and all of the other children in our family. I told her Grandma and Ganna want her happiness more than anything in the world. You know what? She calmed. She believed. She went back to play calmed by the love that is very much alive in our family.

Mom & PawPaw

Mom & PawPaw, Together in Heaven Now

The next day, my sweet girl came to me with some news.

She reminded me of her firm belief that you chose her as the perfect grandbaby for you, and the perfect daughter for your little girl. She went on to add that she is had great news. “Mommy, my Grandma Dorinda and my Ganna did a wonderful thing! They went together through all of the babies in Heaven, and chose my baby sister for us! You know why they did that? They heard me telling Jesus that I wanted a baby sister more than anything in the whole wide world, and they wanted to make sure I had the best little sister for me! Wasn’t that sweet of them?? They really do love me lots.”

Mama, you may be gone from us physically and never got to meet any of your precious grandchildren, but the love you so desperately wanted to share with your grandbabies has been shared.

They can feel it, believe it and cherish it. Your body was taken from us far too soon, especially for them, but that love lives . It ripples and whispers through our hearts and lives at just the right moments in just the right way. It will never die. You have proved to me that the love of a mother and a grandmother is stronger than distance, stronger than pain, stronger than cancer, stronger than loss and even stronger than death.

So…..happy birthday in heaven, Mom!

I miss you every day, but especially days like this. I’m thankful to have something so amazing and precious to celebrate today, though. We are celebrating 53 years of your love.

Love Ya Bunches!

Your Daughter