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Paid to Purchase Haircolor!

I recently made a quick run to CVS to pick up a prescription. While in the store, I saw that alot of the L’Oreal haircolor products were marked down to 75% off. This turned out to be a “paid to purchase” deal for me, which is my favorite kind of shopping! I got four boxes of L’Oreal haircolor, used two “$5 off of 2” coupons and was given $2 by SavingStar (see my post on SavingStar here: just for buying one of their current products! This made me do a happy dance, since it turned out to be a $2 profit for me to get four boxes of haircolor. 🙂 The point of sharing this? Keep reading…

Paid to Purchase!

Paid to Purchase!

It pays to keep your coupons with you whenever you are going shopping, especially on items you either use regularly or know there are frequent sales or markdowns on. I know that anything health and beauty related is going to be on sale or put on clearance on a regular basis, so that is a category of coupons I make sure to keep a supply of in my purse. You should try it, too!

Anyone else had any surprise savings lately?

Now back to my happy dance… Woohoo!! 😉



One of my very favorite sites is equally great for both the seriously competitive and the seriously lazy couponers. For the seriously competitive, it adds onto the savings you know you’re already racking up every way you can cook up. For the seriously lazy, it makes it easy for you to save with a mere few clicks of a mouse and scanning your store cards. Interested? I thought so!

SavingStar is a wonderful site, and exceptionally easy to use! You just set up a user name and password, enter all your eligible store shopping cards (i.e. CVS, Ingles, Kroger) and click the coupons you would like to load onto your card. You can even have a list of the coupons you’ve loaded sent to you so you won’t forget which brands you can add savings with! If you’re a casual couponers, you can just forget about it until they send you a message notifying you they have a new batch of coupons to choose from or that you’ve got savings loaded to your balance. They will not send a bunch of obnoxious emails spamming or pestering you, which is something I really appreciate about this site.

The SavingStar coupons can be used on top of another coupon, so you can double the savings with manufacturer’s coupons and even triple when you have a store coupon on top of that. I’ve literally been paid to buy things I’d have bought with or without coupons! How nifty is that?

If you thought that was great, listen to this! Every time you add up to $5.00 in savings, you can redeem them for an Amazon gift card or just let it keep adding up until you get a larger balance. I’ve been able to buy several things from Amazon using my SavingStar account, and it is probably the easiest money I’ve ever made. 🙂

Are you still staring at the screen daydreaming about what you’ll do with all these great savings?? Scoot, scat, skedaddle, and JOIN!!! You won’t regret it!

Penny Pinching Peach
Penny Pinching Peach