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Just Because Cards

Just Because Card

Just Because Card

This week my daughter wanted to do something to surprise her daddy when he came home, so I helped her make a “just because” card. I like to let her tell me what to write in her cards, and for Father’s Day I just asked her what she thought of and wrote whatever she said as her inside messages on the cards I printed off the internet for her to color for them. Because she just wanted to make her daddy happy, I wrote on the front of her card “I Am Thankful For My Daddy Because…” and let her tell me the great things she was thankful for about him. It was very precious and heartfelt, and absolutely made his day.

You’ve already seen the front of the card, but below is what she had me write inside. The decorations are all her own. 🙂

Who would you make your thankful card on the cheap for?

What she's thankful for Daddy for

What she’s thankful for Daddy for