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The Princess and the Potty


DSC05686So, my latest money saving scheme is to get my very stubborn 3 year old to completely stop having accidents in her britches. She’s intelligent and knows how and when to go potty, but all of Mommy’s best efforts to completely get her accident free have been massive fails. I think I’ve finally struck gold!  I refuse to buy more pull-ups, so I’ve put her little hiney in panties (other than a diaper to sleep in). The psychology I used? Desperation! Kidding….kinda! She doesn’t know that, though. On to my real strategy…

Two things about Little Miss Princess Peach- she loves to help and she hates to get her pretty clothes messy. Using this knowledge to my benefit, first I told her that Mommy & Daddy can’t afford to keep buying diapers & pull-ups for such a big, smart girl. We need her help to save the diapers for her baby brother, who is just plain too little to make it to the potty. Can she help us? “Suuuuurrrrrre, I can do dat!”,  says she. “YES!!!!” thinks me. On to point number two, where I tell her that since she is wearing panties, if she peepees or poopoos on herself, it will go right onto her pretty clothes and ruin them. “Oh, no!” says she. “Oh, yes!” says me. “I gotta stay dry, den.” she states, and Mommy thoroughly agrees. Strategies in place. 🙂

Shortly after we started our latest foray into the mission to stay dry, I hear a little voice hollering from the bathroom. “Mommy! Mommy! I have a surprise for you!” she exclaims, throwing open the lid of her pink princess potty, “It’s peepee! I know you are so happy! Give me a huuuuuug!”

A few days in, we’ve went from a few accidents a day to one or two times, which is pretty much only when she does a number two (HELP ME!!!). Methinks Mommy is winning the war, finally. BWAHAHA!!!

*counting the money I’m saving and the frustration that is fading*


3 thoughts on “The Princess and the Potty

  1. Its a frustrating time, but we all get there in the end! What worked for me was praise, praise, praise. ( not actually me, I mean my children!)


  2. thank you $author, nice advice, keep posting.


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