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Another Award, Times 2!!


Liebsteraward2I was given the Liebster Award by two of my fellow bloggers- My 3 Monsters and WAHMs Live Green Both ladies have blogs that run pretty true to what their titles hint at, and I’d encourage everyone to check them out. I’m truly flattered to be thought of for this award, and am nominating some wonderful and different bloggers myself this time around.  I tried to make this fresh, but some of the facts about me are just the same. 🙂

These are the Liebster Award rules; “When nominated, the blogger must list eleven facts about his/herself, answers questions given by the nominator, and come up with eleven questions for the bloggers he/she nominates.” The bloggers are also supposed to have under 300 followers.

Here goes something!

♥ Eleven Facts About Penny Pinching Peach♥

Hubby Training

Hubby Training

•I probably have one of the hardest working husbands in the world. He’s a firefighter/paramedic, and I’m very proud of the fact my husband is willing to save lives and help others for a living.

•My dream growing up was to be a mommy and…..whatever else. The only unchanging part was that I wanted to be a mommy. My two munchkins? Crazy little dreams come true! 🙂

•I come from a long & proud line of penny pinching peaches.

•I was peeling taters in the kitchen with my mom when I was 7. I’m passing on the helping-in-the-kitchen-early-on tradition to my little girl, who already puts up freshly washed silverware and crushes cans for recycling at the ripe ol’ age of 3 1/2.

•I was homeschooled, graduating at age 15 in the top 1% of graduating seniors nationwide.

•I lost my mom in 2006, and I miss her every day, but she lives on in the hearts of all who loved her.

•I love doing crafts, but haven’t been able to do as many crafts since having babies.

•I am a lifelong bookworm, but that is yet another neglected hobby of mine since having little ones.

Chicks and Chica

•I love cooking and baking. Feeding folks the vittles I stir up is just the icing on the cake!

•I taught myself calligraphy when I was in middle school. That seems like an obscure and useless skill, but it has come in handy to add a bit of pizzazz to the lettering when making cards.

♥Questions From My 3 Monsters♥

1.Why did you start blogging? Several reasons, one being that friends & family encouraged me to officially share what I’d been sharing unofficially forever.
2.What inspires your blog? My family, frugality and random things.
3.What is your favourite holiday and why? Christmas, because it brings my little ones so much joy.
4.What is an important tradition in your family? Right now? My daughter “trick or treats” for prizes when she goes potty. We’re still forming our lifelong traditions, though. 🙂
5.How many children do you think is the ideal number to have? I think it varies according to the family, honestly. For some, that number is none or one. For others, it is 5 or 10. I’m not sure what it is for us yet, but I hope it’s at least one more than we have. 🙂
6.What is your family’s favourite meal? Hmm… that’s a toughie! My family loves my chicken and dumplings. Ritz cracker chicken and chicken livers with mashed taters & green beans. A creamy chicken concoction I tried recently that the hubby called the “best chicken ever”. Chicken, apparently?? lol

I Cook Good, Mommy!

I Cook Good, Mommy!

7.Any suggestions for picky eaters? (This question is purely for selfish reasons!) My little ones generally eat well, but when my daughter goes through a picky patch, I get her input on meals. I’ll say “Shell noodles or curly?” or let her help mix things, dump ingredients in a bowl….pretty much anything to be involved with the meal. When kids help make something, they usually eat it. 🙂
8.What is your dream vacation? Happy, peaceful, warm, and without some weird agenda? lol
9.What kinds of music do you listen to? Country, rock, Christian worship/contemporary.
10.Coffee or tea? Sweet iced tea.
11.If you could offer kids one piece of advice for the future what would it be? ONE?!? Don’t let what the rest of society is doing or thinking dictate your morals and ideas.♥Penny Pinching Peach’s Liebster Award Nominees♥

•Mom’s Living Leaner

•Sobo Mama’s Tips & Tricks

•My Make Do And Mend Year

•Don’t Panic, Just Parent

•Simplicity By Choice

♥My Questions for the Nominees♥

•What did you want to be when you grew up?

•You obviously enjoy blogging, but what’s a hobby you’re known for?

•What is your favorite way to save?

•If you could spend your weekend any way you wanted, what would you do?

•Do you have any pets?

•Which beauty item can you not live without?

•What is your favorite place to shop, online or offline?

•What two words best describes your personality?

•What is your favorite snack?

•Do you have any hidden talents?

•What would you like to be remembered for?

Congratulations to all of these fantastic bloggers!

I look forward to reading your replies and to continue keeping up with all of your fantastic  blogs! Please visit and follow all of these interesting bloggers. I know you’ll enjoy them as much as I do!

6 thoughts on “Another Award, Times 2!!

  1. Pretty awesome!!:))


  2. Wow! That is amazing that you graduated at the top 1% of graduating seniors at 15! Did you enjoy being homeschooled and are you going to homeschool as well?


  3. Thanks! I loved being homeschooled! Our plan is definitely to homeschool. I’m already doing preschool with my daughter, but most folks do that, and it’s pretty informal and unstructured. 🙂


  4. Love your blog and congrats! xo


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