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Saving Time!


Look what we got!!

Look what we got!!

Today was one of my fun little saving while shopping trips. πŸ™‚ I know there are other great drug stores for savings. The truth is that, with two munchkins to take shopping with me, I usually choose one place for non-grocery couponing and one for groceries each trip. CVS is my primary non-grocery couponing spot. Ingles is my usual choice for groceries in our fairly small town area, since they double coupons up to 50 cents, give treats to the kiddos and are pleasant to shop with.

To prepare for this trip, I spent about half an hour this morning making my grocery list, browsing the sales ads and looking at the CVS coupons I had from my last trip. Next, I glanced over the coupons on a coupon site (one of the ones I use to print coupons from while earning points toward gift cards) to see what was on there to go with the items I needed, the sales bargains this week, my 30% off coupon for non-sale items at CVS, and the CVS coupons I already had. I threw the coupons I intended to use at each store into their respective folded store fliers, stuck them both in my purse with my shopping lists, and off we went.

CVS was decent today. I had to get diapers, “needed” some sodas, and have been wanting some new serving spoons and such. The first two things were on my automatic list. The rest were dictated by good prices on things we do use, but didn’t absolutely have to have today. We got diapers, facial wipes, nail polish, makeup, sodas, kitchen serving utensils, and protein bars. Princess Peach was excited about the super sparkly nail polish. πŸ™‚ I keep her little fingers and toes painted pretty colors all the time with the nail polish I get for pennies on the dollar or even free.

Total Spent? $17.50

Total Saved? $53.84

Percentage Saved: 75.4%

We also did our grocery shopping at Ingles, which wasn’t so much a couponing trip, but getting what we needed while using coupons on whatever we could. In other words, there were things we needed that I got even though there wasn’t a sale or a coupon on them. Ohhhhh, the pain! πŸ˜‰ Seriously, though, I’ve made it clear I’m not extreme.

Total Spent? $27.10

Total Saved? $11.82

Percentage Saved: 30.3%

I’m also going to get 40 cents back on my SavingStar account for buying yogurt.

Like I said, this wasn’t my best saving trip, but it only took me about 30 minutes this morning with two munchkins crawling all over me to get everything together and head out. It took two hours to do the actual shopping trip, but that had alot to do with Baby pulling Princess’ hair, throwing stuff out of the cart and feeding them their snacks to survive the shopping time. πŸ™‚

What is your favorite grocery store to shop at?

4 thoughts on “Saving Time!

  1. We don’t have CVS in my city, but I like the reward programs Rite Aid and Walgreen’s have. Rite Aid also allows you to coupon stack, which is excellent. πŸ™‚


    • Rite Aid was the only major drug store where I used to live. If I ever move back closer to there, my main drug store stop will change from CVS to Rite Aid, I’d imagine. I love the coupon stacking! πŸ™‚


  2. I love CVS for mega savings on random stuff (hello pebbles cereal under a dollar with a good Q) but brookshires is my go to grocery. I also shop Fred’s and the dollar stores πŸ™‚


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