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If you are on this site and reading this article, the chances are that you already print off coupons. Did you know that you can earn points toward gift cards just for doing something that you do already? That’s right! Just for printing and redeeming the same coupons you would print for free, you can rack up some additional goodies on the side!

I have been a member of MyPoints for a few years now. It’ a pretty nifty program where you can earn points toward gift cards by clicking on emails, using their toolbar, printing and redeeming coupons, shopping through their sites’ links, referring your friends, etc. Just by doing things you would normally do, you can rack up some pretty dandy gift cards. The selection of types of gift cards you can get here is nearly endless! They seriously have enough variety that everyone should be happy.

When I had more time to devote to working toward my points, I earned my gift cards at a much more consistent rate. Lately my participation has been more spotty, due to various factors having nothing to do with the program, so I’ve been slower to earn. I just redeemed some points for a $10 gift card to Red Lobster. I’m hoping between that and a coupon, maybe my husband and I can go on a date alone for the first time since our son was born. (We went on one with the baby with us.) One year I saved them up all year without redeeming them, and cashed out for a larger gift card to help pay for Christmas. That definitely came in handy!

The quickest way to build up your points is to install the toolbar. Confession here: I’ve never installed the toolbar, or I’d earn my points much faster. I just find extra toolbars annoying, and don’t want to bother with them. If they don’t annoy you, then go right ahead. I’m just infernally honest, and don’t want to pretend I’m taking advantage of one of the best ways to earn the points when I’m not merely ’cause it’s not my thing. πŸ™‚

Another way to really add up your points is to click on the emails they will send you. They usually send me a few messages a day. Some are surveys. Some are special offers to click and view to earn a few points, whether you actually participate in the offers or not. When I’m really busy and need to clean out my inbox, I just delete them. When I have time, I click and watch my points slowly climb up, up and away! You can opt out of the emails if you find that you don’t want to click and earn or are just getting too many messages. It’s as simple as going to My Account, then Email Subscriptions, then just select “Unsubscribe From All” and save the settings at the bottom. No more emails! You can also choose to only receive certain emails, like survey opportunities only. You can also access the surveys directly on the site.

If you do online shopping regularly, this is a way to basically be paid to shop. You can search for the online merchant you wish to buy from, type of merchant you’re looking for or just browse to see which merchants are participating in their program. Again, their selection is huge, so I’m sure you’ll find whatever you are looking for! They will say up front how many points you earn per dollar you spend with each merchant (it varies), so you’ll know how many points you should get and roughly how much value that has for you.

My favorite way to earn is just printing and redeeming coupons. You pretty much get the same coupons you would get from, SmartSource and Catalina. The difference is that you get 10 points for each coupon you print through their site and redeem. You also get a bonus when you print or redeem 10 or more coupons in a month. That’s like being paid for saving money! How awesome is that?? There is also a promotion going on until the end of May where you get an entry into a $2,500 sweepstake for every coupon you print. πŸ™‚

The final way to earn points toward gift cards is through referrals. You can earn a few points just for your friends joining, and rewards for their future interactions. The more folks you get to sign up under you, the better you will do at earning rewards quickly. While your friends are shopping, clicking and printing, you are both benefiting. It’s a win-win situation, and costs neither of you anything. It doesn’t get better than that!
You won’t get rich, dig yourself out of debt or any other sort of magical things just by participating in this program. If someone claims you’ll be rewarded out your ears for your participation in an online program like this, they are probably just blowing smoke in your face. Ignore them. You will, however, slowly and steadily earn some great gift cards to use on things you need or just plain want. There’s nothing difficult about it. They don’t ask for a credit card, your social security number or any other uncomfortable personal information. You won’t have to pay a penny for any of this, just use your time & noggin a little to remember to click through their site before you shop online and other little details like that. Since we all need to exercise the grey matter between our ears now & then, this seems like a no-brainer to me. πŸ˜‰

Quick review: MyPoints gives you points for clicking emails, shopping through their site at various merchants, printing & redeeming coupons, referrals and other fun stuff most of us would do even if noone was giving us anything. Those points are redeemable for all sorts of fantastic gift cards that would appeal to anyone of any age or interest. They charge you nothing, period. It’s super easy to sign up and use. What’re you waiting for?? If you are interested in joining MyPoints, I’d love to be your referrer. You can go to my Penny Pinching Peach friend page (as opposed to my fan page) where a referral link is posted, and/or leave a note on my facebook fan page with your email address and I’ll have the link for your referral to you in a jiffy. I’m convinced that you will enjoy it, and be pleasantly rewarded for just being the frugal person that you are!

Pleasant Penny Pinching! πŸ™‚

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