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Cheap Movie Night, Anyone?

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Movie Night at Home With Baby Princess Peach

Movie Night at Home With Baby Princess Peach

How many of y’all out there are night owls and love movies? If that fits you as well as it does alot of my kinfolks (hello, my night lurking relatives! 😉 ), then this is a deal that I’m super duper excited to share with you!!

At select AMC theaters this summer, they are hosting special 10pm showings with tickets for only $3!! Even better, the proceeds go toward causes that benefit autism! These are not just lame-o boring movies, either. The next two movies are The Amazing Spiderman and The Hunger Games, both of which I gather were very popular at their first showings. 🙂

If you’re like the hubby and I, you’d be too sleepy to enjoy these movies, although we are seriously overdue for a date without munchkins. However, alot of our relatives, especially mine, have schedules almost more vampire than human, so I’m sure some of them would love to go to one of these movies! 🙂 How many of y’all are nightowls who would love a good movie on the cheap? Which of these movies would you be most interested in seeing?

Now for the magic link with the schedules, movies and other pertinent details…

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