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Cheap Travel Tips



Cheap Travel Tips

Cheap travel Tips

With summer dawning, alot of folks are hitting the road for family vacation or visiting relatives. Since most of us are on a budget, I thought I’d share a few of the little things I do to save big when we travel.

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We like our caffeine when we’re on road trips, so instead of stopping everywhere for drinks, I make a big jug of sweet tea (Lipton, of course!)ahead of time and put it in mason jars in the cooler. It’s extremely inexpensive, and easily poured from jar to travel cup. We also pack jars of milk and juice for the kiddos, as well as water if we’re going somewhere with questionable water quality.

Anyone who travels with kids knows that plenty of snacks are a must. I make things like cookies (Try my recipe for Healthy Oatmeal Cookies here. They travel well for a few days.) and snack mixes, plus take things like boxes of raisins, apples and bananas. I also pack some emergency treats like lollipops for when the little stinkers start howling about being stuck in the car. Since they are a treat to our kids, they work well at buying some peaceful time. We still sometimes stop for an icecream cone or some local delicacy as a treat, but we aren’t tempted to grab convenience treats for inflated prices at bathroom stops when we already have plenty of yummy goodies to munch on.

If you can, pack some sandwiches, canned goods, and breakfast items to eat for breakfasts and lunches while traveling. Also, gather up coupons for various restaurants you may stop at on your travels. Often, you can sign up for birthday clubs (see my post here: Happy Birthday Freebies) and get some really high value coupons for various restaurants just for signing up, even before your birthday comes around.

If you have pets, and know someone trustworthy nearby who also has pets, try to work out a pet sitting trade with them. You watch their pets while they travel, and they watch your pets while you travel. This way, neither of you has to actually spend any money on pet care. Just make sure to walk them through how to care for your furbabies, leave a list of the basic necessities of their care, and leave everything in plain sight that they will need to taking care of your critters.

Always look for the coupon books that are available in any tourist area, and search online for savings ahead of time at any attractions you intend to visit. You can rack up some serious savings on tickets and shopping this way.

I think most of us know to check the coupon books or make reservations online at discounted prices to save on hotels,and I’m really trying to focus on the more obscure little ways to save, but it must be mentioned. Also, if you are a government employee, in public safety or any career like that, inquire into what discounts are available to you. You may be surprised at how much of a savings some hotels will give you for those careers.

What are your favorite little tricks for saving big while traveling? Traveling with little ones, check out my post Traveling With Little Riders!

7 thoughts on “Cheap Travel Tips

  1. Found your post on Atlanta Mom of Three’s Blog Party! My favorite trick of yours is definitely finding someone you know personally or even a local pet sitter to watch your pet(s). Boarding them is astronomically expensive now, and on top of that, it makes me uncomfortable to put my dog in a situation where I don’t really know if she’s getting the attention or care I would hope for.

    A good trick for kids that I’ve read about if someone is driving a long distance: Bring an envelope for every hour or two (depending on how long the trip is) that contains something exciting the little one(s) can look forward to. For example, one envelope can contain a new toy, another hold a fun coloring page, and the next can hold a paper saying the family will be stopping at the next ice cream shop… etc. It seems to make the trip go SO much faster and smoother simply because you’re not focused on the entirety of the trip. Instead, everyone’s focusing on the next hour and then occupied for most of that time with whatever’s in the envelope.


  2. Great tips! I agree with you about preparing some snacks, beverages, and other foods ahead of time, especially for road trips. It saves so much money and reduces the amount of stops you need to make.


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    Morning sickness is currently kicking my hiney and my inspiration, so I am reblogging this travel post, since this is definitely useful for the holiday season just as much as it is during the summer. 🙂


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