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No Carving Pumpkin Family


This is a craft post I did at this time last year when I did no carve pumpkins with my daughter. I thought it was a good time to share it again! 🙂

Penny Pinching Peach

Pumpkin Family Pumpkin Family

This is the first year my daughter has had a huge opinion about pumpkin decorating, and she wanted to do a family out of miniature pumpkins. She picked them out at the pumpkin stand (75 cents each- penny pincher insert 🙂 ), and was super excited to morph them into a pumpkin family to set out on our porch. I did not want to attempt carving pumpkins with two little ones. She wanted a happy family, not a spooky Halloween one, so I was thinking bright & cheerful things she could actually help with. So, I went to the Dollar Tree and got a few items I thought would work for decorating and for crafts later on, stretching my dollars further. We probably used less than $1.00 worth of supplies, so these pumpkins cost less than $1.00 apiece to make. Score!! 🙂

We used: craft pom poms, sparkly pipe cleaners, googly…

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2 thoughts on “No Carving Pumpkin Family

  1. Aw, these are just too cute! I like that your daughter could actually help out with these pumpkins too.


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