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Bunny Trouble


One of my kids' favorite Easter books!With Easter fast approaching, I wanted to share with y’all about one of my children’s favorite Easter bunny books.

My children love this book so much, I’m not allowed to put it up the rest of the year. It’s frequently requested, regardless of the season.

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Bunny Trouble is the story of a unique bunny who was part of the Easter bunny’s colony. This little bunny’s love of soccer caused him to get into all sorts of trouble, but in the end, he learned to work better with others toward common goals and they learned to embrace those who may be just a wee bit differently. With adorable photos and an attention grabbing story line, this is a great story to celebrate the fun of the season, teamwork and appreciating what makes each of us just a little bit special.

To get your own copy, you can click the title  in blue and go to Amazon to order it new or used. I’m sure your children will enjoy this lively story as much as my little ones do. 🙂

Do you have a favorite Easter book? Try making our adorable Easter bunny cake!


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    This is one of my kids’ favorite books! The new images are from them looking at it yesterday! What are your favorites?


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