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National Sanctity of Human Life Day

Sanctity of Human Life and My Right to Choose- Pro life or Pro choice

Ordinarily I steer clear of topics I consider controversial, but this is a celebration I feel strongly about.

I never thought I’d have to think about the sanctity of an unborn life in personal terms, but I wound up having to really think about it at one point.

What choice I would make if it came down to a literal life or death decision? I’m writing this not to judge, but to share my heart about something I’ve not been able to bring myself to really talk about much with anyone at all. First, let me tell you how this particular day came about.

* (Quote) In one of his final actions as president, Bush declared January 18 to be “National Sanctity of Human Life Day.”

“All human life is a gift from our Creator that is sacred, unique, and worthy of protection,” the presidential proclamation read. (End Quote)

*Source of quote:

It is easy to say that you are pro life when you never have to face a situation where you are carrying a baby during a health crisis, will be alienated because of your pregnancy, etc.

It’s all RAH-RAH and warm fuzzies when you are not faced with a life or death decision or when you are terrified of the changes & consequences pregnancy means for you. That is when you truly find out how you feel about it. I have trouble judging anyone in extreme circumstances too harshly for the choices they make, although I am 1,000% for saving life whenever possible. For myself, I always had some empathy for the situations some people find themselves in, but having my own personal brush with possibly having to make an extraordinarily difficult decision has given me an even deeper understanding of the emotions and conflicts people can go through.

When I was pregnant with our second child, they found a grapefruit sized mass in my right ovary.

When they finally informed me about it, they had no idea whether it was cancerous or spreading or anything. They began to rush appointments to diagnose exactly what this mass was, stating that it was “almost too late for a choice if you require treatment”. To be translated, if they didn’t find out if I had cancer and needed immediate treatment pretty much right then, I would lose the window of time of being able to abort our baby.

I was floored and terrified.

I knew that delaying treatment if it were aggressive and cancerous could mean my daughter and unborn child could wind up being robbed of their mother. I lost my mom in a short two months after her diagnosis, so I had no illusions about what could happen to me. In that moment, I understood why women in that very situation sometimes do choose abortion. There was never a moment I was willing to kill my child- who was completely healthy and okay at that point in pregnancy- but I understood the gut wrenching conflict for life threatening situations in a way I never had before.

9 Days Old

9 Days Old

When they brought us in for my testing, they rushed the results. As I sat with my husband waiting for the news, I was shaking like a leaf and praying in silence that it would be good news. When they told us that it was a benign dermoid tumor- with no risk of cancer and the ability to delay surgery until our child’s birth- I bawled. They thought I was upset about the news they’d given, but I was just so relieved that I would not have to choose and that the odds were we would both be okay in the end. I didn’t want to choose to possibly die for my baby, but I’d already made that choice. Because of my experience with my mom, I believed that if it were cancer, my babies would very likely not have a mother to grow up with. I would never have allowed them to kill my baby to save myself, though, and was totally at peace with that decision, as horrifying was it was to me.

First Day Home & Meeting

First Day Home & Meeting

My pregnancy and delivery were far from easy.

The complications were pretty major, but it gave me such an appreciation for the gift of life and the sanctity of all human life, especially those who cannot protect or choose for themselves. The day we brought our son home from the NICU and were able to finally introduce him to his big sister is shown above, and that was an amazing feeling.

All of the above pictures, except the last photo, were taken by my sweet friend Ashley Bell with and she did a wonderful job capturing the precious gift of our son’s life and homecoming (and managed to get a decent picture of him with his mommy who wasn’t doing or looking very well after all the trauma, which is amazing in itself).

Please join me in celebrating and acknowledging the beauty, joy, wonder and sanctity of all human life, no matter how small.

For the story about the miracle of my son, check out the post I published for his first birthday here: My Miracle Man‘s First Birthday/

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My Miracle Man’s First Birthday

Holding Him Now

Holding Him Now

Yesterday was my beautiful little miracle baby boy’s first birthday.

It’s a day we weren’t sure we would have the joy of celebrating, and feel so blessed that he and I are both here for it.

When my water broke long before my due date, I had to have an emergency C-section and emergency surgery. It was necessary, complicated and utterly terrifying.

When they took me into the recovery room after surgery, my husband was waiting there for me. My blood pressure was dangerously low, and it wouldn’t rise. They were close to having to get the doctors in there to do something about it, because it was taking too long. Even still, I tried to send my husband to our son, until he assured me that his sister was there watching him and keeping him updated on how he was doing. I knew the baby was needing extra monitoring. What I didn’t know was how dire things were for my little boy, and how close we came to losing him.

I didn’t find out how many times we almost lost our son until after we were both home from the hospital. I couldn’t have handled it.

The First Time A Held Him

The First Time I Held Him

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When I was finally taken to a regular room and stabilized enough for my husband to be comfortable leaving me in the room with my sister-in-law (who stayed with us at the hospital those first nightmarish couple of days), he was gone for what seemed like forever. When he came back, he brought a doctor to tell me that our son had went into respiratory arrest, was in serious condition and had to stay in the NICU.

I wanted nothing more than to see, touch, and hold my little boy, but we were both fighting our separate battles

It was seven hours before I even got to see him by being pushed in a wheelchair, along with my IVs, to the NICU. It was a couple of days before I could hold him. Until then, and even most of the time after, I would just sit holding his hand and singing You Are My Sunshine to him. He is still eerily soothed by that particular song.

Happy Birthday to ME!!

Happy Birthday to ME!!

Anyway, fast forward a week, including my being discharged for two days before our son was, sleeping at the Ronald McDonald House at night and spending all day at the hospital, pumping every few hours to try to get milk, finally getting it in, insisting that I would be able to breastfeed him (and being scared he wouldn’t by the time he could try at 5 days old), amazed when he took to breastfeeding like a champ, being sad about being away from my daughter and glad that at least she was with grandparents who brought her to see me a couple times, appreciation for the outpouring of love from friends, family & church family, rejoicing at going home, being scared because I couldn’t even stand up by myself and being relieved to find out my nana was coming to stay with us until I could function…excuse the run-on sentence, but it’s overwhelming to even think about now.

We finally were able to bring our baby boy home to meet his big sister!

First Day Home & Meeting

First Day Home & Meeting


I could hardly let my little angel out of my arms for months. I was scared he’d stop breathing.

I was also so far beyond grateful to be able to hold him- and even our daughter- that I think I spoiled them both rotten for awhile. If my nana hadn’t come to stay with us for the first several weeks after we came home, I couldn’t have taken care of them, though. I couldn’t even walk more than a few steps without assistance for weeks, much less wrestle a toddler or safely walk carrying a new baby.



A year later, I can’t even share all of the emotions I feel as I look in my lap right now at my healthy, happy, strong, chubby cheeked, mischievious little blessing of a boy! When we had his first birthday party a couple of days ago, it was not just celebrating a milestone of turning a year old. It was celebrating life, health and family!

We are so amazingly blessed, and the trauma of our little man’s beginning has just made us appreciate it that much more. It’s even easier to cope with being exhausted, frustrated and never caught up with anything when you are just insanely grateful to be here to experience all of it.

I cherish life so much more now than I did before my pregnancy with our son turned complicated.

I hope that anyone else who has nearly lost a child or had a near death experience themselves can take that gift with them through life. It’s not an experience I would wish on anyone, but it gives an appreciation for something so many of us take for granted.

Happy first birthday, Mommy’s little miracle man!

To learn more of our story, read why I am so passionate about the sanctity of human life!

Here’s a potentially free book for NICU parents: Empowered Preemie Moms: From NICU, to Newborn, and Beyond

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SMASH Cake!!

SMASH Cake!!