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Easter Egg Filler Ideas For a Sugar Free Easter

Easter Egg Filler Ideas For a Sugar Free Allergy Safe Easter

Need some sugar free Easter egg filler ideas that are alternatives to candy?

I find myself wishing for Easter egg ideas that are sugar free, since my kids get really hyper on holidays where they consume too much sugar. My children are also dye sensitive, so I find myself cringing a lot over things like jelly beans, since certain dyes can turn my sweet energetic children into miniature versions of wall bouncing Hulks! I don’t even have to worry about any serious allergies, so I can only imagine the parents who do! I was thinking that I am not alone in wanting my kids to have all the fun of an Easter egg hunt with less of the sugar, so I got together my ideas and am sharing them in hopes of helping y’all out.

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Below is the link to plenty of fresh options from Amazon for an allergy safe, sugar high (and crash) free Easter egg hunt!

Easter Egg Filler Ideas Not Candy

For one of my kids’ favorite Easter books, check out Bunny Trouble!