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Struggling? You Are Not Alone.


Carrying my baby while I can

Carrying my baby while I can

I have been struggling. I’m struggling with handling life’s bigger problems- like finances and relationships. I’m struggling with my self image after birthing three children and having health issues. I’m struggling with my precious unruly children, teething fussy baby and a moderate dose of post partum depression. I will be okay, but this poem flowed out of all that and more. I felt that maybe someone would benefit from my transparency, although I was hesitant to share this.


Baby teething, keeps on screaming,

Must have Mommy, and it’s seeming

Like she’ll never let me put her down

Or let me stop carrying her around…

But she will.


Threenager yelling out so loud,

Waking baby and feeling proud.

Leaving destruction wherever he goes

Hard to imagine he’ll get better as he grows…

But he will.


Six year old asking questions galore,

When I answer, she wants to know more,

Gives me attitude when she doesn’t understand,

Will she always question every command?

Probably will.


My head is pounding from the chaos and noise,

My kids drive me crazy, but they’re also such joys.

They tire me out and the work’s never done

Will I miss their neediness as much as the fun?

I think I will.


Some days I’m discouraged and wonder why

Do I continue to give them my best Mommy try?

Will it matter if I do my best to raise them right,

Or just let them run wild without giving a fight?

I know it will.


Why am I sharing my struggles with you?

Because I’m not alone, and know this is true.

Most parents struggle and feel they’re not enough,

Does it help to admit I love my children, but it’s tough?

Maybe it will.


Are you struggling today? What helps you when you are struggling? Two things that help me are writing and shifting my focus to others.

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This bracelet would be a wonderful reminder that God can bring you through anything If God Brings You To It, He Will Help You Through It Bracelet!

I wrote a series about kindness awhile back, if you are interested in some ideas on how to help others. Here’s one of the posts from that series: Share The Kindness.

22 thoughts on “Struggling? You Are Not Alone.

  1. What a beautiful poem. Thanks for sharing! Stopping over from #InspiredBN


  2. You will def miss the neediness as well as the fun “littles” stuff. Mine are 20 and 17, I have been struggling too! Raising children there are many ups and downs. Prayers for you! This too shall pass.Sending good vibes your way!


  3. K that is fantastic! Wish I’d had your wise counselor when my son was young. xo

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  4. I love this poem! So glad you shared it on Grace & Truth this week. I have chosen your post as my featured post, and it will go up tomorrow.
    I have been there so many times. My youngest is now six. I have many other struggles we deal with, but how I miss the baby stage!
    Thanks so much for linking up with us and for baring your soul with us. ❤
    Praying for your PPD. Make sure you get help if you even think a bit you might need it.
    God bless,

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    • Thank you so much! I’m honored! My oldest is six, like I mentioned, so I can imagine if yours is at the same sassy stage as mine is. 🙂
      P.S. I am getting help for my PPD. I get it to some degree every time. With my first, I struggled through with no help at all. I nearly died with my second, along with our son, and didn’t have the strength to fight medication. It helped so much, even though that was the most severe I had, that I didn’t hesitate this time. I take a very, very low dose of Zoloft, so I still experience the PPD, just to a lesser degree. Thankfully, it’s never caused me issues with bonding. Just makes the rest of life harder.


  5. Aw. That’s so beautiful.

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