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Peeps Easter Candy Cake

Peeps Easter Cake Pin

My daughter and I made this Peeps Easter cake together.

I was going to just line the cake with the Peeps and scatter jelly beans on top, but then I realized that I had this adorable bunny shaped cake pan. My daughter thinks this cake is the coolest thing since iced tea, and is very proud of our handiwork. 🙂 I was surprised at how easy it was to do, and how yummy the Peeps tasted with the chocolate cake.

All you need are simple & inexpensive items.

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Peeps Easter Candy Bunny Cake

  • First step: Make your cake flavor of choice. We made a devil’s food cake in our 9″ bunny shaped pan. I can’t find the same one online, but this Easter bunny one is nicer and cuter, honestly.
  • Second Step: Let it cool, then pop it out on a cake platter, Cake Stand like this, or large tray.
  • Third Step: Ice it with your choice of icing, making sure it’s pretty thick around the sides.
  • Fourth Step: Decorate the top. You can do a bunny face like we did, use sprinkles, jelly beans, M&Ms or other candy of choice, make designs with decorative icing,…just use your imagination and get creative.
  • Fifth Step: Press the Peeps firmly and carefully around the side of the cake.
  • Sixth Step: Admire your handiwork, take a picture, and show it off here!

What kind of cake and decorations would you like best? For another fun Easter treat, try our Key Lime Rice Cereal Eggs!