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Qalo Wedding Rings For Active People

Qalo Wedding Ring

Qalo Wedding Ring

My husband is a firefighter paramedic who is also very active during his time off. He used to worry about losing, getting it caught up on a scene or damaging his wedding ring, so would often not wear it at all. This drove me absolutely batty, since I have seen so many women hitting on him in uniform when they didn’t see that I was right behind him and know it probably happens regularly. I told him if he were wearing a ring, at least he’d know they weren’t the classy kind of lady trying to flirt with him. 🙂 Soooo….we went searching for a safe alternative to make both of us happy. Enter the awesome Qalo ring you see modeled by my handsome hubby’s hand in the feature photo!! 🙂

The Qalo rings were developed by a group of very active married men who wanted to honor their marriages by wearing a symbol of their status, but didn’t want a conventional ring getting in the way. These rings are perfect for firefighters, police, construction workers, soldiers, mechanics, rock climbers, gym rats, athletes, and anyone else who may find their actual wedding ring a hazard or a nuisance while doing the things they normally do. They’re inexpensive enough that if they do get damaged, it’s not that big of a deal to just replace them. My husband is on his second ring now, because he lost his old one on a fire scene. If that had been his real ring we said our vows with, we would have been heart broken, but we just ordered another one. Happy wife, happy husband, happy wallet!

There is a great deal I can share with my readers on these amazing rings! If you click my referral link, you will get $5 off of the first order (and I get a $5 credit, so again….we’re both happy! 😉 ). These rings are generally just $15.99 for women and $19.99 for men, so that makes for a very inexpensive wedding band for the hands on committed types among us. 🙂 They come in a variety of colors- including thing red line or thing blue line for firefighters and police officers- but my husband prefers the black because he feels it looks most like a regular wedding ring at a glance.

For the referral link with your $5 credit, please go to my Facebook page, where you can send me a message requesting a referral sent to your email or see the Facebook referral post also published this morning at:

Or at my referral link below:

Qalo Referral Link

Has anyone else been on the search for a product like this? Have you had the wish that your spouse would wear a ring, but they don’t want to due to the work and recreational activities they engage in? Think this could solve your issue like it has ours? I hope this helps someone out! It was a major annoyance for me until we found something that worked for both of us. 🙂

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Merry Firefighter’s Family Christmas!

Santa at the fire department

Santa at the fire department

When you marry someone in public safety, one of the quickest thing you need to learn is flexibility.

Holidays, anniversaries and birthdays may be celebrated on completely different days than they actually fall on, because someone in public safety has shifts that fall when they fall, regardless of the special days they might fall upon, and their services are necessary 365 days a year. If you can’t handle that, don’t marry someone in that field of work. It is the least of my gripes with being married to someone in public safety, honestly, because I wasn’t raised with holidays being a big deal (we didn’t celebrate Christmas at all), but it’s a huge issue for a lot of families.

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In my case, my husband is a firefighter paramedic. We often have ornaments like this Firefighters Courage Under Fire Christmas Ornament
on our tree, read our children this kind of book Firefighter’s Night Before Christmas, and you’re likely to get something like this Firemen to the Rescue Christmas Cards from us in the mail. He works 24 hour shifts, often pulling 48s between two different fire departments. This year he won’t be home from a 48 hour shift until probably 10am Christmas Eve, and has to be back early Christmas morning, so those days just don’t work for us to celebrate Christmas on. Our Christmas is officially December 26, when he actually can get home early enough to enjoy the sleepy eyed wonderment of our munchkins.

So….today is Christmas in this firefighter household. Merry Christmas and God bless from our family to yours, especially those who are also shifting those holidays around for similar reasons! Any other firefighter families out there?

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The Crazy Kingdom of Kiddos

Muddy Munchkin Man

Muddy Munchkin Man

I’m a stay at home mom, married to a firefighter paramedic who is literally gone over half the time just for work. I spend a lot of time alone in the crazy kingdom of kiddos….and it’s definitely a craaaaaaazzzzzzyyyyy place to be.

Want some examples? Happy to oblige! Maybe it’ll make someone else feel less alone in their own personal kingdom of kookiness. 🙂

Just the other day, my 4 year old decided that it would be a good idea to use a cooler and the counter to climb up and get the candy Mommy has safely stashed on top of the fridge to prevent the candy coma inducing binges she is so wonderfully prone to. My intervention was met with howls of indignation, instead of appreciation for the fact she didn’t break her stubborn little neck.

On the same aforementioned day, my potty training 2 year old came running up to me with a huge smile saying “Mama, me pee! Me pee!”. When I asked where, he proudly pointed under the kitchen table to the spreading yellow puddle. “Me pee!”. Yep, you pee… but don’t expect a treat for this one, baby boy!!

Some days my 4 year old doesn’t want to get dressed, because she thinks her jammies are the coolest outfits in the world. You know what? Sometimes I let her. Hey, a mommy gets tired! Ever heard the phrase “Choose your battles”? It seriously applies with small children of the strong willed variety. If I’m not doing a daggum thing other than puttering around the house, and the kid wants to wear her princess jammies all day, who am I to fight? I’ll fight when she wants to jump off the deck railing because it looks like fun or when she doesn’t want to brush her teeth because the toothpaste makes her milk taste funny, but wearing clean jammies all day now & then doesn’t hurt anything.

My munchkins were both playing happily with their water table recently as I watched out the kitchen window while doing the dishes. What I didn’t know was that the little stinkers had dumped a bunch of dirt into the table, and my little guy was smearing the resulting mud all over himself. By the time I did realize what they were doing, he was a pretty mess. In fact, the face in the photo came just before he started hollering “Bath!” and running for the house. You know a boy is filthy when he’s actually begging to be cleaned up! 😉

My 2 year old is all boy, no doubt about that. What he doesn’t yet know is that allowing your big sister to deck you out in her sparkly purple princess dress Disney Princess Sparkle Dress – Rapunzel 4-6Xand outgrown white Mary Jane shoes does not a macho man make. Gotta give the kid credit: He can almost make that get-up look masculine, as he struts around making superhero sound effects and rolls up the front of the dress to make it easier to charge around on his little red fire truck “saving the world” one stuffed animal at a time.

Yep, this kingdom of kiddos is completely crazy, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. 🙂 What craziness has happened at your house recently?
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