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Just Because Cards

Just Because Card

Just Because Card

This week my daughter wanted to do something to surprise her daddy when he came home, so I helped her make a “just because” card. I like to let her tell me what to write in her cards, and for Father’s Day I just asked her what she thought of and wrote whatever she said as her inside messages on the cards I printed off the internet for her to color for them. Because she just wanted to make her daddy happy, I wrote on the front of her card “I Am Thankful For My Daddy Because…” and let her tell me the great things she was thankful for about him. It was very precious and heartfelt, and absolutely made his day.

You’ve already seen the front of the card, but below is what she had me write inside. The decorations are all her own. :)

Who would you make your thankful card on the cheap for?

What she's thankful for Daddy for

What she’s thankful for Daddy for


Thanksgiving Turkey Craft

Upcycled Thanksgiving Turkey

Upcycled Thanksgiving Turkey

So, for our preschool the other day I decided to make it all about Thanksgiving.

First, I told my daughter the 4 year old comprehensible version of the first Thanksgiving and we had a discussion about the things we are thankful for. She was especially thankful for her mommy, daddy, baby brudder, all her animals and food. :)

Next, I sent her into the yard to gather leaves while I got together craft supplies for her project of the day. I like re-using random items in our crafts, so I grabbed part of a thing cardboard insert I’d been saving from a box of drinks  (an old cereal box would work) and cut pieces to make a turkey body and head, cut a slit in the neck and chest to be able to stick them together, trimmed an old Reeses’ candy eggs box, then laid them out with her crayons and markers so that she could decorate her turkey however she wanted, and got some googly eyes to glue on when she was finished decorating. She had a blast! When she was through, I couldn’t find any clear tape, so I just used masking tape to tape the cardboard pieces around the box “stand”, put the head on and helped her tape the leaf tail on the backside. It would’ve been prettier with clear, obviously, but Princess Peach is pleased as punch, and that’s what counts. :)

Thanks for Turkey?

Thanks for Turkey?

Once the turkey was proudly perched on our windowsill, I wrote out THANKS and TURKEY on two pages, had her point out all of the letters and we talked about the words. Then she did her best to copy the words out. She also made a picture with her two hands traced and the word THANKS at the top later that day, because she enjoyed her Thanksgiving theme so much and didn’t want to be finished with it. :)

What kind of fun Thanksgiving themed things do you do with your little ones?

For more recipes, please click the Chef’s hat!


Tyndale Rewards

Tyndale Rewards Review

Tyndale Rewards Review

I am so excited to tell y’all about a points reward program for earning books that I recently discovered called Tyndale Rewards! I recently ordered “Great Parents, Lousy Lovers” by Gary Smalley and Ted Cunningham, using 90 points I racked up on my first day actually utilizing the site! :)

I was given 25 points right away for following a referral link. The first day I was active on the site, I earned points doing the following: A survey about bibles gave me 15 points, and a short survey about E-readers earned 10 points. Signing up for a newsletter got me 10 points. Signing up to get a free gift through the birthday club earned me 15 points. I also joined their Focus Group, for 25 points now and 25 points for each survey I participate in when they send them out. This took hardly any time at all, and I’d already earned enough points to get a free book!! :) You can also earn points through referrals, sharing links, asking questions and doing reviews.

This is a super easy way to earn some wonderful books for your family! I was pleasantly surprised at the simplicity of the program, and the quality of the books available to buy with my points. I definitely recommend this program for anyone with readers in the household (which I’m guessing includes most folks who read blogs…LOL).

If you use my referral link, you will automatically be rewarded with 25 points, and I will receive 10 points for the referral. Let me know how you like it, and what book you order first! :)


Another Thanksgiving Blessing!

One More Blessing to Count!

One More Blessing to Count!

Can you guess what that blessing is? Yep, you guessed it! We are expecting our third little pumpkin…errr…baby!!! :)



As you can see, blessings #1 and #2 are quite excited about the eventual arrival of another little cutie patootie! Now the competition starts…who will win the tiebreaker? ;)  Our five year old is rooting for a girl, if you couldn’t guess that. Our two and a half year old isn’t old enough to know to have a preference. He just wants a “baaaaby”. Mommy & Daddy are with him on that.

I am just hoping this pregnancy goes much smoother than either of my first two, and have lots of hope that it will. I may just have to post about that later, but I’m not ready to go there yet. For now, I’m just happy about the expected blessing and riding the waves of nausea and rollercoaster energy levels.


What Lung Cancer Can’t Do


Mom & PawPaw, Together in Heaven Now

Mom & PawPaw, Together in Heaven Now

November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month. My mom- a previously healthy non-smoker- died of lung cancer just before Christmas in 2006  at the young age of 44, a whirlwind two months after her diagnosis. We don’t know what caused her disease, and still don’t understand how such a vibrant, healthy and active woman succumbed to it so rapidly. I’ve learned that dwelling on what cancer has taken from my family and what power it can have over us can be completely soul numbing. Instead of dwelling on what lung cancer can do and what it can rob from us…this month I want to remind myself and others of what lung cancer can’t do.

Lung cancer can steal your voice, but it cannot take the words you have spoken. Choose words of love, encouragement and peace.

Lung cancer can leech away your energy, but it can’t quench your spirit. My mom was still such a caring, curious person all the way to her last breath.

Lung cancer can stop your heart, but it cannot stop the love you have inside of it. Show that love to those you care for.

Lung cancer can zap the strength from your body, but it can’t touch the strength of your soul. Who you are is stronger than cancer.

Lung cancer can take away life from your loved one, but it can never, ever take away the memories, legacy and relationships you have. Those will live on long after you are gone, regardless of whether you are taken by cancer or die in your sleep at the ripe ol’ age of 105.

Cancer doesn’t always win even in the physical realm. Don’t think I am saying it has to take all of these physical things away….but it can. As long as there is light in the eyes and breath in the body, there is hope. There are so many things it cannot reach, though, and we all need to remember that. Don’t give lung cancer- or any cancer- that kind of power over you. That power belongs to us, as humans. The human spirit soars far above and beyond anywhere that any disease can reach. Never forget. What can you think of that lung cancer can’t do?

If you are interested in lung cancer related items to inspire hope and/or remembrance, here are a few of my favorite picks:
This beautiful Ribbon of Hope Angel is holding the lung cancer ribbon in her arms. Elements Pearl Ribbon of Hope Angel (Lung Cancer) by Pavilion, 5-Inches Tall
This e-book looks like it would be quite helpful in coping with the ups and downs of cancer: Cancer: Coping With Cancer: Controlling and Understanding Emotions of Cancer (Cancer,Cancer Books,Breast Cancer,Colon Cancer,Lung Cancer,Brain Cancer,Prostate Cancer,Leukemia, Skin Cancer)
This lovely bracelet says “Where There Is Love, There is Life” along with the lung cancer ribbon charm…and that is such a powerful statement. I need this reminder, myself! Lung Cancer Charm Bracelet (Retail)
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Veteran’s Day Freebies!


I usually avoid doing re-blogs so close together, but I wanted to share the Veteran’s Day Freebies again! Be sure to make sure they are still valid when attempting to redeem these deals. The majority recur every year, but some may not. Enjoy, and share!! :)

Originally posted on Penny Pinching Peach:

Thanks on Veteran's Day!

Thanks on Veteran’s Day!

In honor and appreciation of all former and current military and their families on Veteran’s Day, I thought I’d share a few of the well deserved freebies & discounts available just for the vets in celebration of their sacrifice and service. Please note that most will require a military ID or proof of former military service in order to be given, so have it ready when you go to claim your goodies. Some will give it to anyone wearing their uniform. I’d suggest that you call your local restaurant or store to see what proof of service they need before going. Share with your friends & family in the military, even if you can’t benefit from these deals. They deserve it! :)


Chilis- November 11- Free meal from select menu on November 11.

Golden Corral- November 11 only from 4-9pm, free drink and buffet for anyone who has ever served…

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Swagbucks Savings!


I’m reposting my Swagbucks post with some updates, including a FREE e-book that can be used on Kindle! Check it out, and join the prudent penny pinching!! :)

Originally posted on Penny Pinching Peach:

The mask & cape were gifts purchased with Mommy's rewards programs

The mask & cape were gifts purchased with Mommy’s rewards programs

This post has been updated to add some tricks I’ve learned since I originally posted this last year. I hope that you will enjoy Swagbucks as much as I do! Please follow my referral code at the end to join and reap the benefits of this awesome program!

I want to share one of my very favorite points earning programs with y’all! Swagbucks is easy to use, and the points add up very quickly. I actually paid for most of my daughter’s 4th birthday presents using Amazon gift cards that I earned through Swagbucks and SavingStar by doing things that I would do with or without rewards programs!! I got over $35 worth of adorable gifts for my daughter from Amazon, with only $6 out of pocket expenses after using the gift cards I’d saved up from those two programs! Talk…

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